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Thinking of Hiring an SEO Agency? Understand This First

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”. It is a process of getting your website ranked up on the organic listings of a search engine, like Google.

Unlike paid campaigns which are subjected to fierce bidding wars that often result in non-profitable marketing, SEO is lower in terms of costs and is more stable. In the long run, business owners who invest in SEO see a better ROI on their marketing campaign to SEM and paid advertising strategies. Most business owners and digital marketers agree that SEO is usually the primary digital marketing strategy you can employ the boost your online visibility.

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What is the ROI of Engaging our SEO Services

Consider this if you run an SME.

You rank for a keyword like “office furniture” or “accounting software” or “tuition agency”.

It appears as #3 on Google Page 1.

The search volume for that keyword is 1,000 per month.

You can expect 9 sales for that keyword alone. If your gross income is $1,000 per sale you can get $9,000 per month.

Its possible to rank for 5 related keywords or equivalent. Then make $45,000 per month.

D’Marketing Agency does this – and more – for its many clients big or small, including enterprise clients who need to turn over millions per month, with our premium on-page SEO and link building services.

#3 Ranking of a 1,000 Search Volume Keyboard

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Advice From SEO Experts

After analysing “billions of pieces” of content, content marketing firm BrightEdge claims organic search is the
primary driver of website traffic to business sites,

Business owners agree that SEO helps them maintain aggressive targets even with depressed budgets!

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of all online experiences start with search engines like Google ~ Imformanza
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of users ugnore paid ads in search results ~ Inc.com

A SEO Agency that Delivers

We’ not just any other agency. We’re a SEO agency that takes our time to understand the nuances and intricate details of your business. We aim to to under-promise and over-deliver. Speak to us for your customised SEO strategy today!

What You Get When You Engage Our SEO Services

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Should You Engage an SEO Agency?

Not all businesses need SEO. There really isn’t a point ranking #1 for things that no one searches for.
Use free tools such as the Google Keyword Planner to find out the search volume of your keywords, and consider other strategies to advertise your services if there is low search volume for your services.

What You Can Expect From engaging an SEO Agency?

Grow Your Business with the Best SEO Services in Singapore

Achieve insane boosts to traffic. Double, triple or even quadruple your sales. SEO can do this, and more. Our SEO specialists have amazed countless clients when they see how successful a finely tuned SEO campaign can be.
Unfortunately, we have also met businesses who have doubts about “SEO experts“, those who assure that “results take time” and disappears, delivering nothing of value whatsoever. That’s not us, we promise.

Our SEO Strategy & SEO Process

Proven SEO Processes & SEO strategies that will withstand the test of time
User Intent & Keywords Research
On-Pages Optimisation
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Reports & Rank Tracking
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In this guide, you’ll read:

Key considerations on investing in a website with user-centric features, foolproof security, data management and SEO customization

Real-life examples, industry research, and case studies pertaining to every step in launching an online store.

Pro-tips on SEO, web-designing, social media marketing, Google Ads with data-backed facts and figures.



First, book a time with our experts for your growth strategy call. From there, we can help analyse your business and create a customised plan for you and your business. We'll walk you through how to use social media content and online ads to find your ideal prospects and turn them into loyal customers.


Once you allow us to handle your campaign, we'll do all the research, design, and content creation to manage all of your social media platforms. We will also create direct response Facebook and Instagram ads on your behalf, so that you can start driving quality leads within 7 days. We'll handle everything so that you can focus on building your business.


With a successful organic growth and paid campaign, you can set back and relax. Prepare to see your brand awareness and credibility soar. Apart from more likes, followers, or brand engagement, you'll also see a consistent stream of traffic to your website, courtesy of our conversion- driven advertising campaigns.

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“Black hat” techniques are a quick and easy way to increase your rankings in the short term. However, it will result in your site being penalised by Google in the long run. As such, we never use these techniques for any of our client’s sites, and we only use 100%, honest “white hat” techniques.

Although tedious, we choose to work with quality content creation and manual link outreach, so that we can deliver long-lasting success for all of our client’s websites.

One of the primary components of the SEO strategy is keyword research. The keywords should drive specific audiences to your website and increase traffic. With proper keyword research, using tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs, we can understand what kind of keywords your consumers are searching for, and create optimised content surrounding those keywords.

Finding a balance in search volume and the competitiveness of keywords is equally as important. You can bid for excessively long tailed keywords, but with no search volume, that will not be very helpful for your business. Moreover, high volume keywords may have extremely high competitiveness and be unachievable as a result.

At D’Marketing Agency, we run checks on the best long-tail keywords to use for your site, based on search volume and difficulty levels. The results of our keyword research form the foundation of our entire SEO campaign. Targeting the right or wrong keywords can make, or break a successful SEO campaign.

With our comprehensive SEO audit, we take a complete and deeper look into your company’s website, and use various SEO tools to analyse your website. We then use this data to create an effective SEO strategy for your website. It includes the following:

1. Competitor Analysis: what your competitors are doing and how to beat them
2. In-depth website analysis from a customer’s point of view
3. Analysis of how compelling your on-page content and call-to-action is
4. User Experience (UX) analysis
5. Mobile responsive test
6. Website speed test
7. Recommendations to improve on-page content based on Google success factors

Several changes will be made to your website to ensure the best possible chance of ranking well in Google. With the help of an experienced SEO team, your website can be optimized for speed, functionality, and usability, so as to improve the chances of ranking on the first page.

Some of our on-page SEO optimization services include:

1. Updating titles, content descriptions, and search tags
2. Reviewing information by adding the structure of your website and update internal linking architecture regularly
3. Using headings
4. On-page content
5. Creating a site map
6. Optimising the media of your site so that it can rank at the top
7. Relevant keyword research and optimisation
8. Analysing the usability, speed, and design of your site
9. Creating catchy titles and descriptions
10. Improving the UX

We also run diagnostic tests on your website, on the UX level, and on the backend level, to see where the problematic areas are. We then create an action plan to fix these problems and make the website more Google and user friendly.

You can have all the traffic in the world, but if the website isn’t optimised to turn those visitors into buyers, all the efforts would have been put to waste. Once you have a specific search traffic, you need to ensure that the website is driving visitors efficiently. For this, you will need the following tools.

1. Analysis of Conversion Path
2. Call-to-Action Improvements
3. Continual Improvements via ROI Tracking

Content is a vital part of the website which attracts customers, establishes authority and credibility. Professionally done content can attract organic backlinks over time. Quality content can come from the following:

1. Professional copy
2. Long-form copy that educates and entertains
3. Intriguing blog content
4. Infographics

Off-page factors that influence your website ranking needs to be managed. Your backlink profile can affect your search results. Both the number and quality of websites linked to your website is critical. The number of backlinks represent the “votes” for your website, so that Google can see your website as trustworthy. Having more backlinks increases the chances for a website to rank well. Our SEO backlinking services increase the authority and ranking of your website, through the following ways:

1. Promotion of content
2. Blog/press mentions
3. Viral marketing campaigns
4. Promoting your content to well-known bloggers
5. Developing relevant content for your blogs
6. Looking out for how your content is being distributed on different social media platforms
7. Optimizing your Google My Business profile

Off-page optimisation services differentiate you and make you stand out from your competitors!

We spy on your competitors, see which keywords they are bidding for and formulate a strategy to beat them in those keywords. Apart from that, we can also learn more about the type of content, landing pages and their backlink profile, creating a strategy to beat them.

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The SEO strategy that is best for your business

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SEO has been around for years now. It is merely a continuous process of optimising a website’s performance and visibility on search engine results. In simple words, if a potential customer is looking for a product or service that you sell, you should appear among the top search results.

SEO makes it convenient for audiences to look for your business. It is now one of the leading methods of all digital marketing strategies. SEO is in line with Search Engine Marketing (SEM), content, and social media marketing.

SEO brings organic traffic to your website. On the other hand, SEM is used to promote your website on search engines primarily through paid advertising.

In reality, both strategies work differently, even though they eventually serve the same purpose. Individually, they both have their advantages and disadvantages, but when combined, they amplify the performance of both.

Onsite SEO is the process which SEO experts make your website search-engine friendly. It is one of the major functions of SEO which involves improving specific factors such as pages, links, and content. To summarise, the more quality information search engines can obtain from your website, the greater the chances that your website ranks higher on the search index.

Our process even goes as far as some manual coding if we feel that we need to improve the UI/UX, including navigation and loading speed.

Offsite SEO is a long process in which we promote your website online through link building. The aim of this is to strengthen your domain authority by having other websites link back to yours.

Unlike other SEO specialists, we try to focus on link building with highly ranked websites because, quality trumps quantity. Once these websites link back to yours, Google will recognise your website as a leader in your industry.


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