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Coding is one hell of a job that almost 99% of all business owners avoid. However, if you want Google to put you on its first page, you need to know it to some extent. Or you can just trust us to do things for you. With D’Marketing Agency, we can boost your website’s front and back end with technical SEO. 

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What Is Technical SEO?

In general, any configuration that you apply to the website and server that hopefully helps you with your search ranking is considered technical SEO (e.g., HTTP header responses, page elements, XML Sitemaps, redirects, metadata, tags, etc.). 

Search engine crawling, indexing, and ranking are affected by technical SEO activity. Anything that does not take action within your website, like keyword research and social media link building, is not part of this strategy.

Our Technical SEO Services

With DMA, we offer a holistic approach to help you rank higher on Google and other search engines. We do this by providing you with a set of services that acts in unison to put your website to the top. Here are our core technical SEO services:

On-Site Optimization

Every tiny adjustment may have a significant impact on your site’s performance in technical SEO. These tweaks include optimizing on-site aspects such as content and images, meta tags, internal linking, design, server performance, IP addresses, and other intricacies of your website.

JavaScript Optimization

JavaScript is a critical factor in SEO since it is present on almost every page. It has a massive influence on the user experience as it is responsible for making your website dynamic or interactive. The overall SEO performance is strongly influenced by how your website utilizes this core programming language.

Performance Boosting

If your website is underperforming, sluggish, and annoying for clients to use, it won’t rank well in search results. We can help you achieve reduced bounce rates, improved page performance (speed), and search engine rankings by compressing files to allow faster functionality, cleaner CSS, JavaScript, HTML codes, and increased browser caching and CDNs.

Web Vitals Optimization

To better understand how Google ranks websites, you need to learn all about website vitals. Optimizing your site for crawlers takes a variety of elements into account, and doing so will boost the return on your digital marketing efforts. Three that we make sure to optimize fully are: loading times, interactivity (page responsiveness), visual page stability.

Technical SEO Advantages

Increased organic traffic is the primary advantage of a search-optimized website. You get visitors for free by simply following what search engines want you to do. However, there are other benefits:

Higher Search Rank

A better-optimized website leads to a better ranking. It’s as easy as that. Higher placement on SERPs translates into ROI as people tend to just click on the first website that Google recommends.

Better User Experience

Google algorithms and crawlers are looking for a pleasant user experience. So you have to make your design easier to work with, which lets your visitor stay longer.

Higher Conversion Rate

A well-designed website may increase each page’s conversion rate due to technical SEO — from how responsive your website becomes or due to its content.

More Mobile Friendly

Users increasingly use their mobile devices to do keyword research, which necessitates a change in the site layout to accommodate mobile users.

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