Why Sales Need SEO More Than Ever

Sales are always speaking. Anything less than revenue growth is a failure.

However, due to the drastically altered sales landscape, many businesses are on the verge of collapse.

A salesman once owned a priceless Rolodex. With calls, visits, and perhaps more, the salesperson cultivated the relationships it stood for. They ran into each other at gatherings, happy hours, and golf outings. Even business events and retreats attract the top clientele.

Of course, CRMs and similar tools have developed from Rolodex. But now, it’s simply less helpful. A salesperson’s list of contacts has essentially lost all of its value.

What Changed?

Salespeople were abruptly forced to alter their conduct due to the COVID-19 outbreak. They were no longer able to have in-person customer meetings. They discovered that clients who operate remotely no longer have access to a receptionist who can deliver a message to them directly.

The names they had painstakingly compiled no longer pick up their phones. However, emails and voicemails are rarely returned by recipients.

Reaching someone is just playing tag with them until they give up or give in.

As a result, partnerships frequently come to an abrupt end.

Networking in sales is less effective than it once was.

A salesperson who previously relied on connections, get-togethers, conferences, and calls is now having trouble. And where salespeople still speak loudly, they now grumble instead. Their income is suffering since the lead sources have dried up.

Who’s to Blame?

Everyone in the company is harmed if sales don’t match expectations. So, management asks Sales for an explanation and turns to Sales.

Of course, marketing is to blame, and they are supposed to give leads.

Or the management to blame. The business ought to have anticipated it.

Sales managers should have been aware that their outside sales team would suffer, and the business should have invested more in digital lead management. They ought to have developed a strategy for surviving to get fresh clients. Instead of relying on something close to dying, they should have elevated their website to new heights.

Most salespeople need help spelling SEO and PPC; they’ve never produced any writing. As a result, when it comes to the corporate website, they frequently believe that “build it and they will come” (after all, the internet is free, right?).

In their defence, they could rely on an outside sales team to increase profits for a while. The sales procedures were successful. As a result, the marketing strategy of “if it ain’t broke, don’t change it” used to be effective.

They lacked knowledge.

Surprise! As a result, your outside sales crew is ineffective.

  • Despite attending conferences, there has been a 75% decrease in event attendance. In addition, the attendees are not decision-makers for the prospects.
  • They might continue to contact their former contacts. These individuals most likely changed employment, and the connections do not return their calls.
  • Contacting previous client companies also needs to be fixed. The incoming administration has no idea who you are and has no interest in your brand.

The firm is suffering as a result.

What to Do?

How can the decline in sales be stopped? The response will differ. Or, as the SEO adage goes, “It depends.”

It would help if you found a way to produce leads for your sales team. This requires accurate shooting, and depending on your budget; you have a variety of possibilities.

You can purchase advertising (PPC) and make some fast money.

You can adopt the strategy of “flooding the web with content,” with or without an influencer boost (it may not help, but hey, you have to do something).

You could purchase links, albeit you should avoid doing so because it will kill you. You might take content from external sources as the snake-oil SEOs’ selling point.

Or you could decide that executing it well is essential to your survival.

DMA Social Media Marketing Services can be a useful form of aid for you to help boost sales.


The globe is taking its time to recover from the effects of the past few years so far. The paradigm of remote labour will not change. Therefore sales must adjust, and there must be change.

A cheap solution is a waste of money, as well. Additionally, if you can offer leads, the outside salesperson in particular businesses is safe.

Your company website is your most essential salesman in today’s sales environment.

As if your life depended on it, practice SEO.

And whatever you do, avoid selecting the least expensive option under the impression that there is no difference. There is a difference if you want to outrank 10 million competitors for any keyword that matters and appears on the first page.

My favourite lead generation example is the following: If you want to catch fish, you must use the bait the fish are biting and fish where the fish are. Practically speaking

  • Define your ideal client as a sufficiently giant fish, not necessarily a whale.
  • Look for a problem that the ideal fish has been attempting to address.
  • Create a program that provides those precise outcomes for the excellent fish.
  • Find out where the perfect fish are congregating and present them with an offer.
  • Convert the fish with a no-pressure, dependable knowledge sales strategy.
  • Sounds easy.

Even simple things are only sometimes straightforward. To help you reach a large audience, you might need the assistance of a seasoned SEO consultancy firm. 

With that being said, you can Contact D’Marketing Agency for any form of help regarding social media or DMA Search Engine Marketing Services to assist your sales progression.

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