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Focus on your business worry-free with our website maintenance services. Our Singapore-based web developers are expert caretakers that will keep your website functional, updated, and optimized all year round. 
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Why Website Maintenance Is Vital

How well your leads and customers perceive your business depends on your website’s performance. If your website has zero downtime without any issues throughout the year, it shows that your business values customer experience. 

Our Website Maintenance Entails:


Your Website Is Your Business' Online Front

Website maintenance services are often overlooked because most business owners believe it is not crucial to the success of their online presence. However, this belief is wrong and couldn’t be further from the truth! 

Neglecting an outdated website can far outweigh the costs of maintaining it in good shape. If a website isn’t maintained, it won’t get the software, code, or framework updates, leaving it open to security risks. 

Imagine your e-commerce website getting hacked. That alone could mean saying goodbye to years of investment! Don’t just pray it won’t happen; do the right thing by hiring a website maintenance agency. 

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When you Google "website maintenance Singapore" or "website maintenance services," we're at the top. That's thanks to our expertise in SEO and website development. That's one proof why your website is in good hands with us!

Our website maintenance services specialists in Singapore will put your business ahead of your competitors by keeping your website uptime at 99%! You’ll never have to spend another minute worrying about technical issues ever again.


D'Marketing Agency's Website Maintenance Services

Our web designers and developers work closely to keep your website running at its optimal state throughout the entire year (and for the duration of our business relationship). With our proven-effective system, your website will always be the leading performer in your industry.

Speed Optimization

Optimizing for speed should be your top priority. Google says that page load time is a major ranking signal. Your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) performance is directly related to how quickly it loads. Sites with longer loading times have lower conversion rates as it causes users to become frustrated and leave. Our website maintenance ensures that your website loads as fast as possible. 

Security Enhancement

Tech companies that create plugins that make websites function faster and introduce new features will constantly update their software. This does two things: improve the software and make it more resilient from hackers. Our website maintenance service ensures that all technologies in your website are always up-to-date and go through daily checks.

Automatic Backup

Our backup and disaster recovery initiative provides a dependable safety net. Suppose your website ever goes down, experiences an outage, or undergoes a hack attempt or sabotage. In that case, our backup can quickly restore things – allowing you to recover everything and get your business back on its feet in just a few minutes (could be hours, depending on severity)!

Multi-User Management

Account management is essential if your website has more than one user. This website maintenance service entails adding and removing users, resetting passwords, and adjusting access levels. An integral part of user management is weeding out fake or spam accounts. Moreover, it relieves you of the time-consuming process of keeping everything in check.

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime monitoring checks to see if your website is accessible at all times. Maintaining a nearly perfect percentage of website availability is one of the primary goals of our website maintenance services in Singapore. If your site goes down, we will immediately contact your hosting provider and fix the issue to ensure your audience, prospects, and customers will always have access to your site.

Search Engine Optimization Upkeep

The visibility of your website in search engines depends on how closely you monitor its SEO. Among these metrics are visits, rankings, and links to your site. Keeping an eye on your SEO performance can help you spot any issues before they become major headaches. Our website maintenance service incorporates SEO practices to make sure your website is healthy, not just from a technical perspective but from a marketing one too. 

D'Marketing Agency's Website Maintenance Packages



/ month

This website maintenance package is ideal for small websites showcasing only a few services and products. With this website maintenance package, your restaurant, law firm, or healthcare website will always function as it should. Choose this package if you want something that works like insurance. 



/ month

Our Silver package is perfect for more intricate websites, such as e-commerce or websites with over 20 product or service pages. If you run a website that demands weekly checks on your end, this package may be what you need to automate things.



/ month

Targeted at power users, this website maintenance package is for website owners who feel they fit in the silver package but require more assistance. It’s perfect for those who need upkeeping with a little more emphasis on SEO and overall performance upgrade. 

Website Maintenance Protects You

Our website maintenance services are geared to ensure that you will never have major problems on your website that can affect your business operations. One week trying to recover your site from a major attack can mean thousands of dollars lost!


Hosting problems, faulty code, network outages, and other unforeseen circumstances are just a few of the many potential causes of downtime. Therefore, proactive monitoring and preventative website practices are crucial. Whether your site is more informational, dynamic, or transactional in nature, any downtime could have a devastating effect on your bottom line.



Hackers, malware creators, scammers, and spam bots constantly try to plant malicious code and content on websites. Websites built on popular content management systems (WordPress) are especially vulnerable to such attacks. If you compromise on website maintenance and experience such incidents, you will face extreme consequences, including the loss of years’ worth of data and content, de-indexation from search engines, and the potential jeopardization of a reputable online presence.

Outdated Tech

The risk of a security breach increases if your software is updated. Furthermore, you are not taking advantage of the latest innovations and features that could significantly improve your website’s ability to attract and retain customers. And there’s always the danger of falling behind the competition.


Hiring a freelance logo designer in Singapore is an affordable way to get a logo for your brand or company. However, they might not be the best fit for the job since they have fewer resources and manpower for the task. Meanwhile, a professional logo design company like Digital Marketing Agency has a creative team that can churn out fresh ideas for your logo.

You may have several questions regarding Digital Marketing Agency’s operations and value proposition. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our services and platform:

Yes. We value inputs and ideas from our customers. If you have images, concepts, elements, or suggestions that you want to be in your logo, don’t hesitate to tell us. Our team is more than happy to listen to your requirements and will do our best to comply with the agreed parameters of the logo.  

Yes, you can have your logo in every color variation. However, we put an additional cost for this extra service. You can also get the logo in a black and white color scheme or full color. If you want to save a bit of money, we suggest sticking to the original brand colors that were agreed upon by both our parties.

The cost of a logo design usually depends on multiple factors, such as the complexity of the design and the number of elements in it. You can review our different tiers of logo design packages and see what best fits your needs and budget. We also offer a free quote based on our client’s design specifications and requirements. 

Aside from the logo design, other deliverables include all relevant source files. They are also available in various formats such as Adobe Illustrator, PDF, JPG, and PNG. The images are also available in high and low resolution so that you can use them on various online platforms and for printing purposes. 

We can send you the logo’s Photoshop (PSD) file upon request. However, note that the logo image has been made in Adobe Illustrator. Hence, some layers might not be editable because of compatibility issues between the two editing programs. 

Please provide the Adobe Illustrator file for any printing purposes. The AI file is the logo’s source file, and using it allows printing the image at any size without using the quality of its resolution. To be sure, you can ask the printing company which files they prefer. 


It takes about four to seven working days to get your logo design. The release of the logo depends on several factors, such as the complexity of the design and the number of elements in it. You can expect to get the initial concepts of the logo in three working days or less.

Redrawing a logo usually takes one working day. However, this can take more time for more complex projects with multiple design parameters and requirements. We constantly give updates about the status of the logo.

Yes. However, adding concepts that weren’t mentioned in the package you availed of will incur additional charges. Please notify us if you want to have additional concepts so we can give you a fair quote.

It’s pretty rare for our clients not to like the design of their logo since we go the extra mile to fulfill all of their requirements. If you don’t like the initial logo concepts, we can add another free concept based on your feedback and suggestions. 


It depends on the package you purchased. The basic package requires a 100% upfront payment deposit. Meanwhile, the other more expensive packages require 50% upfront and 50% payment before we send the final deliverables.  

All fully-paid logos that we designed belongs to the client. You own the copyright, provided that the total amount of the project has been paid. 

Most definitely. It’s part of our logo design Singapore contract that every logo we make for our clients belongs to them.

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