Understanding Lead Generation as a Singapore Realtor

Understanding Lead Generation as a Singapore Realtor


Lead generation is simply attracting the right people and engaging them with your business. 

The number one reason why any realtor would invest their resources in lead generation is “Conversions”. 

But, that’s not it! Lead generation fosters a trust-based relationship with prospects and grows a business. 

Let us explain to you how the buying process in real estate works. A house normally isn’t an impulse buy. A customer spends a good amount of time before deciding to invest in a house.  

So, as a real estate agent in Singapore, you need to cater to every stage of your client’s journey to successfully convert them.

This is why lead generation is important. You capture your potential customer, nurture them with helpful content, and eventually convert them.

Understanding the Customer Journey Stages

Before we discuss the strategies that can skyrocket your lead generation efforts, understanding the three main customer journey stages is important. 

Only when you know where a customer is in their journey can you convert them into a lead. Let’s see each one of them from the standpoint of a realtor in Singapore. 

  1. Awareness: Your prospect (home buyer or seller) is on the lookout for a real estate agent in Singapore and finds out about you. 
  2. Evaluation: They dig a little deeper about your services and compare them with the other realtors in Singapore. 
  3. Conversion: The prospect makes a decision, but still may need to learn more about how you can help them. You can now nurture your leads down to the bottom of your sales funnel. 

As a realtor, you want to capture your leads in the “Awareness” and “Evaluation” stages. That’s where you have the best chance of converting them. 

Pillars of a Lead Generation Strategy for Real Estate

As a realtor, you can generate leads in one of two ways. 

  1. Inbound Strategies 
  2. Outbound Strategies

Let’s talk about each one in detail. 

Inbound Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate

Inbound lead generation strategies are all about attracting the right kind of people with high-quality, relevant content. 

Inbound lead generation takes time but it’s the less expensive of the two, and mostly more rewarding. The strategies include:

  • Social media posts
  • Search engine optimization 
  • Content marketing
  • Email Marketing

In short, anything and everything that leverages content to attract the right kind of people is inbound lead generation. 

Outbound Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate

Outbound lead generation is when you invest your advertising budget to reach the target audience. These are more traditional types of lead generation tactics. 

Examples of outbound lead generation are:

  • Social media advertising (e.g., Facebook ads)
  • Search engine advertising (e.g., Google ads)

As a marketer, it’s a good idea to mix and match both types and invest your resources in the most appropriate ones for your business. 

For instance, you can use Facebook ads to get in front of prospects and search engine optimization to attract the right audience. 

Essentials of Real Estate Lead Generation

The first thing you want to do as a lead generation strategist is establishing a strong web presence. 

Creating a Website for Lead Generation 

A website is one of the primary places where you collect leads for your business. Whether you are using paid ads or SEO to attract leads, your business website is the focal point. 

Fortunately, creating and maintaining a website is no rocket science these days. You can have a great one within 10 minutes. All you’d have to do is, buy a domain, invest in a hosting company, and use free WordPress CMS to design and manage your site. 


Source: WordPress.org

Creating and Managing Social Media Accounts

Social media is an excellent place for generating lead as a Singapore realtor for two reasons:

  1. It gives you access to around 3.78 billion users. 
  2. You can easily reach your target audience on these platforms.

Creating and managing multiple social media accounts can be overwhelming in the beginning. So, we’d suggest focusing on two and then expand later. 

Which platforms you should focus on will largely depend on your business type. For a real estate agent in Singapore, Facebook and Instagram would be great options. 

Facebook because it has a massive userbase, and the platform is great for detailed targeting. Instagram because it’s connected to Facebook Ads Manager and allows you to showcase your properties in a visually appealing way.

Setting Up Google My Business

google my business

Source: Google.com

Setting up Google My Business is almost imperative, especially for local real estate businesses. When you have a Google My Business account, you can better position yourself in your locality. 

Moreover, it lets you showcase your business hours, contact information, and office address. Not only that, but GMB also lets your business get and showcase Google reviews. 

Optimizing for Local SEO

local SEO

Source: Google.com

Optimizing your website for local searches is a great way to attract high-quality leads. See, local searches like “the best Singapore realtor” are people that are looking for a business like yours in their neighborhood. 

Here are some local SEO tips:

  • Add your business name, contact information, and address to your site’s prominent locations
  • Apply local business schema so that Google can easily show your business on sidebars and snippets, increasing your reach
  • Embed Google Map on your site and add your address to it

Creating a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is anything that your target audience finds value in, and is willing to trade their information for. 

For instance, a free PDF that talks about the different local events and places. 

Once you get them to give their contact information, you have a lead that you can sell your services to later. 

Some Effective Lead Generations Strategies for Singapore Realtors

Fortunately, as a realtor in Singapore, there are a lot of options to generate high-quality leads for your services. 

Let’s talk about some prominent ones. 

Once you have the essentials set up, you need to come up with effective ways to bring the right traffic to your business. 

Paid Ads

While this will require a small investment upfront, done right, it can be one of the top lead generation strategies. 

See, with paid ads like Google ads and Facebook ads, you have the option of detailed targeting. This means you can narrow down your target audience and personalize your communication based on actionable data. 

For instance, Facebook ads allow you to target users that have a similar purchasing history. Or, you can target people that just moved into your city. 

Reviews and Referrals

Google reviews

Reviews and referrals are a couple of great ways to have your prospects know that you are a trustworthy business. 

A majority of people consult friends or family and look into online reviews before investing in a business.  

What you can do is, get positive customer testimonials and showcase them on your social media accounts and website. 

Plus, when you offer great service, your happy customers will promote your business in their social circle. 


Blogging allows you to address your target customer’s pain points and desires before converting them. 

It’s more like a long-term investment that brings in leads on autopilot. Once you get ranked for specific keywords on Google, you can then capture leads and remarket them later. 

Social Media Lead Generation

Creating social media content that resonates with your target audience can do wonders for your business. 

You should produce content that people want to share with others. Although social content doesn’t work like blog posts, it’s a great way to build trust and authenticity with your target audience. 

Networking with Other Realtors in Singapore

This strategy is probably underutilized and underrated. Your peers don’t have to be your rivals. You can network with real estate agents in other localities and get leads from them as well. 

But, remember that it’s a two-way street, so you want to offer the same to them; sending leads their way. 

Final Thoughts

Lead generation is a process where you use different tactics to pull the right kind of people to your business.

Your prospects can be in one of the three customer journey stages:

  1. Awareness
  2. Evaluation
  3. Conversion

Mostly, you grab someone’s attention when they are either in the awareness stage or the evaluation stage. 

There are a plethora of strategies that you can use to generate leads as a Singapore realtor. Almost all of them can be categorized in one of two types:

  1. Inbound lead generation strategies
  2. Outbound lead generation strategies

The right one for you can depend on multiple factors, like your resources and expertise. For maximum impact, you should mix and match different strategies and go with the ones that can bring the best results for you. 

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