Time-Based Pricing

Our Pricing Plans for Part-Time VA's

Choose between the below plans, and change between them whenever you need. All offer the same benefits, it is only the duration and price that differs. There are no strings attached, cancellation fees or risks.


15 hours per month

That's $20 $10 per hour





30 hours per month

That's $18 $9 per hour





60 hours per month

That's $14 $7 per hour




Do you need a Full-Time Virtual Assistant ?

We have the perfect Virtual Assistant for your business. Our expert level VAs will help you grow and expand to reach new heights of success.

Entry Level



Per Hour

Basic Virtual Assistants

Professionals with 1-2 years of work experience overall. Coachable and trainable talent for companies that have processes and systems in place to train them and get them up to speed on their day-to-day tasks.

Mid Level



Per Hour

Specialists Virtual Assistants

Professionals with 3-5+ years of experience in their specific niche or area. They are flexible and adaptable to each company’s specific systems.

Expert Level



Per Hour

Expert Virtual Assistants

Professionals with 8+ years of experience in the specific role/tasks. True professionals in their fields perform at a higher level. These VAs typically have high-level certifications depending on their industry of expertise.
The pricing shown above represents full-time VAs (31-40+ hours/week). For 20-30 hours/week, add $1/hour to all prices.

Our pricing is All-Inclusive. No Recruitment Fees, Access Fees, Set-up Fees, or Additional Charges

The Digital Marketing Agency Plan Includes:

Hassle-free talent selection - Our team takes care of it!

According to your needs, we will designate one of the following specialists from the Agency to work on your project:

The Digital Marketing Agency Guarantee

The Digital Marketing Agency program offers a quality assurance and performance guarantee. This means that if a team or team member is not performing at his/her highest quality or as required by the client to meet the job’s requirements, we’ll replace them for you at no additional cost. Conditions may apply.

Your money goes much further with a virtual assistant

Entrepreneurs who use DMA save an average of 90% compared to hiring an assistant full-time.

That’s because you only pay for work your DMA assistant actually completes and you don’t pay for coffee breaks, chit-chat, holidays or sickness.

With the average salary of an experienced executive assistant weighing in at $60,500* in 2024, it’s time to stop throwing your money away and start saving.

* Source: Payscale

$25 invested in DMA

Productive time

$25 invested in an employee

Productive time
Downtime including breaks
Holiday and paid leave
Sickness, lateness and unplanned absense

Yes, its included

Things people often ask us

How do I get matched to a Virtual Assistant?

We’ll find out about you and listen to your needs on a call together. Next, we’ll suggest an assistant that meets your requirements. You’ll be able to review their profile and speak to them before making your mind up.

In the unlikely event that our suggested assistant isn’t quite right for you, we’ll keep working until we find the perfect fit. In any case, you can always change your assistant, free of charge, if your needs change.

How do plans work?
Your plan will include a set number of hours, covering the work your assistant will do for you. Your plan will renew automatically every month. You can easily change your plan or add extra hours to cover busy months.
How do I know what my assistant has done for me?
Your assistant keeps a running total of time (by the second) spent on your tasks. You can access it at any time by visiting your dashboard.
Is there a satisfaction guarantee?
Yes, you’re always covered in the unlikely event that you’re not completely satisfied.
Is DMA suitable for one-off tasks or projects?
No, we’re better suited to providing you with ongoing assistance.
How much time would you need to train a virtual assistant to do your tasks?
This will depend on the volume and complexity of the tasks your virtual assistant will be taking care of. For simple tasks often no training is required. For more complex tasks it’s normally sufficient to write down how to do the task and then have a quick call with your assistant to run through it and answer any questions. Your dedicated Client Happiness expert will be on-hand from the start to help you with this.
How do I sign up?

Book a call with a specialist who’ll be able to get you up and running. If you prefer, try a virtual assistant for free by starting a free trial.

Is there a setup fee?
There’s no setup fee. Just pay for your first month to get started.
What happens if I don't use all the hours included in my plan?
The hours you don’t use simply roll-over into your next month, so you won’t miss out.
How easy is it to cancel or change my plan?
It’s very easy to cancel – there’s no notice period and one email or call to our team is all it takes. You can grow or shrink your plan at a moments notice, at any time.
Is my confidential information safe?
All of our assistants have signed comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreements, created by legal professionals, to protect your confidential information. In addition, we provide a highly secure environment, featuring bank-grade encryption, through which to exchange your information. If you are concerned about confidential information, please contact us for further reassurance.
I work in a larger organization, how can I approach my manager with the idea of DMA virtual assistants?
We work with many professionals inside larger organizations. We’d recommend explaining that a Time etc virtual assistant will help to significantly improve your productivity for up to 90% less than the cost of hiring an assistant and without adding to headcount. Many professionals inside larger organizations find that claiming the cost of their Time etc virtual assistant service as a business expense is the simplest way to do things, however we’re also able to work with your procurement department to become an approved supplier.
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