The Next SEO Tool Will Be AI-based Content

Artificial intelligence has the potential to assist businesses in enhancing their organic search rankings as it develops.

An essential component of search engine optimization is content. Making material appealing to both humans and search engine robots is the process of optimization. Google and other search engines want to rank the content so that people can find it, interact with it, and eventually buy products and services.

Employing AI 

At this time, artificial intelligence cannot take over the process of content optimization. However, it can assist with basic writing, idea-generating, and keyword research.

Identifying the words and phrases prospects search for is essential to content optimization. AI-based technologies can find new and popular keywords and how easy or tough it is to rank for them and other keywords.

By examining your existing content and market patterns, AI can assist with idea generation. Consider RankIQ as an example. This SEO tool uses AI and human labour to offer keyphrase research and content ideas. When used in conjunction with other AI tools like Jasper, it helps accelerate SEO and content marketing.

Writing is the most contentious of the numerous tasks that AI can perform. Multiple writing tools powered by AI assert to produce high-quality material. In my view, they can still not fully replace humans—or even come close in most circumstances. Nevertheless, they are helpful.

Quill, created by Narrative Science, is one such instrument. Quill creates reports, articles, and other content by fusing data with artificial intelligence. Forbes, the Associated Press, and other media use it. Salesforce purchased Quill and Narrative Science in late 2021, but only after the latter had proven helpful for writers.


AI content for SEO is sort of AI versus AI. To understand searchers’ intent beyond just their keywords, Google employs artificial intelligence to aid algorithms and rank pages appropriately.

AI, therefore, drives google’s mission to provide people with the best search results. That is good news for businesses producing the finest information for a topic. However, it is of no use to those who are unsure of their subject matter, emphasis, or stress level.

Content marketers and SEO experts will eventually need AI to compete in the organic-search arms race. Manually tracking keywords in a spreadsheet will lose effectiveness, and AI will be used in the workflow to create SEO content.

Several AI Tools

It will take some trying to incorporate AI-powered content into an SEO workflow. Many more AI-based SEO tools are available, including, Frase, Copysmith, Article Forge, Zenbrief, and SemRush Writing Assistant, among others. I’ve already covered three AI-based tools: RankIQ, Jasper, and Quill.

Regarding AI content for SEO, there is no winning program, and there needs to be a flawless workflow. Instead, it would help if you experimented with different combinations of these technologies to determine which has the most significant influence on the organic rankings of your business.

High stakes can be involved. Your rivals are likely thinking about using AI content for SEO. Utilise these tools as soon as possible to stay ahead.

Inevitable AI

Search engine optimization and content marketing can both be accelerated by artificial intelligence. AI can improve writing, develop ideas, and match information to search queries. AI will inevitably be involved in ranking highly in organic search results.

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