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Expandore Case Study

Client: Expandore
Service: SEO

Established in 1994, Expandore has been providing high-quality studio equipment in Singapore. This outstanding company ensures that you have a wide variety of options for any piece of equipment that you might need for video making. With their track record and many devices in their inventory, it’s pretty hard to find a better company. 

The Client’s Goals

Since the competition for companies specialising in electronics and studio equipment is high, Expandore wanted an edge against the competition. This client is also savvy regarding SEO, which is why they expect quality service and noticeable improvements.

Where We Come In

Being one of our long-time clients, our team understands how Expandore wants things done, which is why we have done many things to improve the site’s overall performance. From minor on-page SEO improvements to major ones, to articles that feature different products and hit the right keywords simultaneously, we have addressed problems that popped up efficiently. 

Interesting Stats


Overall Increase In Keyword Rank In Just One Month (June 2022-July 2022)


Increase In Keyword Rank Within A Month


Increase In Clickthrough Rate For The Last Three Months


Pages Per Session


Increase In Page Load Time Within Three Months

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The best thing about search engine optimisation is that the results don’t lie. There is a science to how everything works, and once you have gotten to know the science of it all, you can apply the same formula to subsequent campaigns to obtain measurable or predictable results. 

Suppose you are looking for a digital marketing company that can help you increase traffic to your website and potentially turn that traffic into revenue. In that case, D’Marketing Agency is the right place to go! Established in 2001, our experience in anything that has to do with optimising your website speaks for itself. 

If you also want the same results for the websites of your businesses, visit our SEO services page for more information. 



Dear Business Owner,

How would you feel if your sales doubled within three months? With even less spending on your marketing? Imagine not worrying about acquiring leads anymore. Imagine having a predictable stream of web traffic on autopilot. 

Fortunately, that’s what we offer at D’Marketing Agency. 

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