Cellarbration Case Study

Client: Cellarbration
Service: SEO

Being the first liquor delivery store in Singapore, Cellarbration prides itself in providing high-quality liquor in the country. Aside from their successes online, they have also established 11 retail stores across Singapore and are steadily growing their business. Whatever your preference for liquor may be, Cellarbration is sure to have your favourite brands of those liquors in stock. 

The Client’s Goals

Cellarbration aims to rank higher in search engines since higher rankings translate to higher revenue. Liquor is also associated with fun, so they wanted to make everything they produce within the website sensually appealing and fun.

Where We Come In

Our team targetted a wide variety of keywords, and we aimed to bolster them by putting additional content within the pages we would like to rank, like FAQs. Furthermore, we understood the overall image the company wanted to project on their website, so we geared our articles to be more lighthearted and fun to read. The result of these efforts is a steady increase in rank for the website. 

Interesting Stats


Overall Increase In Keyword Rank In Just One Month (June 2022-July 2022)


Increase In Organic Traffic Within Three Months


Increase In Clickthrough Rate Within Three Months


Pages Per Session


Increase In Page Load Time Within Three Months

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