SEO Broken Link Strategy: Drives More Traffic and Conversions

How to Use the “SEO Broken Link Strategy” to Drive More Traffic and Conversions

seo broken link

If you’ve been in the SEO game, you know that links are one of the most critical factors for ranking on Google. The correct links can help you rank for your target keywords, drive more traffic to your site, and even convert.

But what should you do if a link on your site is broken? This is where the SEO failed link strategy comes in. We’ll show you how to use this strategy to drive more traffic and conversions in this post.

What is the SEO Broken Link Strategy?

The SEO Broken Link Strategy is a process by which you can find broken links on other websites and offer your own corrected link as a replacement.

The goal behind this method is to boost your website’s SEO by using the authority of other high-traffic websites. When you offer a corrected link to replace a broken one, you become the authority on that topic. You can drive traffic and conversions to your website.

The SEO Broken Link Strategy is a great way to improve your website’s SEO and drive more traffic and conversions.

How does the SEO Broken Link Strategy work?

seo broken link strategy

The SEO Broken Link Strategy works by finding broken links on websites and replacing them with links to your website.

First, you need to find websites relevant to your industry and have a high Domain Authority (DA). You can find these websites using a service like Ahrefs.

Next, you need to find broken links on these websites. You can do this by using the Broken Link Checker Chrome extension.

Finally, it would be best to replace the broken links with links to your website. You can create an HTML file with your links and submit it to the website owner.

How to find broken links using the Google Search Console

You may use Google Search Console to discover broken links on your website. This is a free Google tool that allows website owners to track the success of their sites in Google search results.

Once you’ve logged into the Search Console, select your website and then select “Search Traffic“> “Links to Your Site“> “More.” You may see a list of all the links going to your website, as well as whether or not they are currently broken, from here.

If you find any broken links, you can quickly fix them by replacing the incorrect link with the correct one. You may see a list of all the links going to your website, as well as whether or not they’re currently broken, from here.

How to find broken links using Ahrefs

seo broken link strategy using ahrefs

The Ahrefs Site Explorer tool is a great way to find broken links related to your website.

First, head over to the Ahrefs Site Explorer tool and enter your website’s URL. Once you’re in the dashboard, click on the “Backlinks” tab and then change the “Broken Links” filter from “All” to “External.” This will show you all of the external websites linking back to your website.

Now, it’s time to start finding broken links! To do this, we’ll use the “Broken Links” column. This column will show how many broken links are pointing back to your website from external sources. If you notice a lot of broken links, you should contact those websites and request that they fix their links.

How to use Screaming Frog to discover broken links

screaming frog

One way to find broken links is to use Screaming Frog. It’s a free tool that you can crawl your website and see all of the broken links.

To use Screaming Frog, you’ll first need to download it and install it on your computer. Open it once it’s been installed and type in the URL of your website. Then select “Site Audit” and “broken links.”

You’ll then get a list of all of your website’s broken links. You can easily track them by exporting this list to Excel or PDF.

Once you’ve located the broken links, contact the website’s proprietors to inform them. You can even offer to fix the links for them!

What are the benefits of using the SEO broken link strategy?

Using this method has a few important advantages:

First, you’ll be able to drive more traffic and conversions to your site. This is because you’ll be filling up your website with valuable and relevant content that’s bound to attract your audience’s attention.

Second, you’ll improve your website’s SEO ranking. This is because you’re adding high-quality links to your site that will boost your authority and credibility.

Third, you’ll be saving time and resources. By finding broken links on other websites, you’ll be able to curate content for your site without spending hours creating it from scratch.

Suppose you’re looking for a way to boost your traffic and SEO ranking. In that case, the SEO broken link strategy is definitely worth trying out!

How to fix broken links

Broken links are one of the easiest ways to harm your website’s SEO. Broken links create a bad user experience, but they also tell Google that your website is low quality.

There are several methods for restoring broken links. The first is to discover and fix them with a link checking tool like Screaming Frog. The second is to use a 301 redirect. A 301 redirect tells Google that a broken link has been restored and that it should update its rankings accordingly.

A couple plugins can help with broken links if you’re using WordPress. The Broken Link Checker plugin will scan your website for broken links and notify you when they’re found. The Redirection plugin can be used to create 301 redirects for any broken links on your website.

Case study: an example of the SEO broken link strategy in action

A great example of the SEO broken link strategy in action is the website of a company named Heyday.

Heyday is a skincare brand that specializes in organic and all-natural products. As a result, their website is filled with high-quality content that covers everything from the history of their brand to the ingredients they use in their products.

However, one of the challenges that Heyday faces is that its website is quite large. As a result, visitors may have difficulty finding the information they require.

Heyday decided to use the SEO broken link strategy to address this challenge. They identified pages on their website that were no longer active (i.e., they contained broken links) and created redirects to replacement pages.

The results of this strategy were impressive. Heyday saw a significant increase in traffic to the replacement pages. Still, they also saw a corresponding increase in conversions and sales.


So, what are you waiting for? Put this strategy and start driving more traffic and conversions from your website today. Keep in mind that it may take a little time for your links to start showing results, but as long as you’re patient and consistent with your efforts, you’ll see positive results in no time. And if you’re ever stuck or need help getting started, D’Marketing Agency is always here to provide support.

Want to learn more about how you can use broken links to increase your website traffic and conversions? Contact us today for a free consultation. Our team of specialists will be pleased to share our own SEO broken link approach with you, as well as other website performance tips and tactics. Thanks for reading!

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