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Rest assured that your website won’t be crawled simply by automated software to see SEO mistakes. Our experienced SEO Audit Agency will scrutinize your website’s front and back end to give you your money’s worth. Let D’Marketing Agency’s certified search optimization specialist do the SEO audit for you and improve your website today.

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Our SEO Audit Agency Brings the Best Out of Your Website

Our SEO audit agency provides an array of SEO auditing services to bring you a holistic overhaul of your website. The overall goal is to make sure nothing is holding you back to get to the No. 1 spot on Google’s first page. 

Keyword Research

Your consumers are in desperate need of your assistance at this time. The keywords they’re searching for are relevant to your website’s content. Search engine optimization, on-page optimization, and content alignment all benefit from keyword research. It may be time to ensure your website is optimized for the keywords through our SEO Audit Agency services that bring the most benefit to your business.

Penalty Recovery

You may be losing traffic because of a penalty. If you don’t know why you’ve been penalized, an SEO audit service can help you uncover the root of the problem and get back on track. We can help your website get back into shape with the right course of action.

Website Migrations

There’s no better way to ensure that your move went well than to do a post-migration review or SEO audit. In the event of a recent relocation, we can assist you in choosing the best course of action. We identify and handle any technical difficulties that may have occurred during your migration.

Traffic Diagnosis

Are you trying to figure out where your visitors went? Regardless of what caused your traffic to drop, our SEO audit agency will find the source of the problem and restore it to your site.

A Refined Website Through an SEO Audit Can Mean:

Organic Traffic Growth

The capacity of a website to attract new visitors is a difficult challenge to overcome. To make your website’s search engine optimization plan work, you must devise a means to attract users to your site. You must have a website that is search optimized while still providing helpful information to your company’s target audience. And that’s why D’Marketing SEO Audit Agency is here.

Search engine crawlers hunt for authority-worthy qualities on your site to generate organic traffic, which you may do via on- and off-page SEO methods like SEO auditing. This approach allows you to go up the search engine results pages.

Your site will be ranked higher on search engines if it has a lot of relevant content, backlinks, and good keyword use. Using our SEO audit service and SEO strategies to promote organic traffic is more cost-effective and beneficial to your website’s status and growth than PPC advertising.

Better Click-Through Rate (CTR)

A website’s click-through rate (CTR) is the percentage of visitors that click on a CTA, email, or ad. This statistic measures the effectiveness of your keywords and CTAs. When you can see the click-through rates for each term and ad on your website, you can adjust to those that aren’t working. 

It is possible to classify leads produced by SEO campaigns as marketing qualified leads if their conversion rates (CTRs) are high enough. To know when and where to chase quality leads, tracking organic traffic is essential. If you’re not that technical, you can always have the assistance of a professional SEO audit agency to guide you.

Goal Reorientation

You may measure SEO campaign success in numerous ways, depending on the size of your company. Our SEO Audit Agency can accurately tell how effective your current SEO implementations and practices are using target monitoring tools. It’s essential to keep track of these indicators to see how traffic increases lead to more sales.

Our SEO Audit Process

Step One

We’ll learn more about your website’s SEO history, existing issues, and company objectives during the first session.

Step Two

As soon as we gain access to Google Analytics and Search Console, we will audit and publish a report.

Step Three

We’ll share our results and help execute our recommendations if necessary.

Excited How It Feels to Be No. 1?

Our team of SEO experts can turn that objective into a reality.

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