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Getting Measurable KPI from Marketing

This is the success story of how D'Marketing Agency empowered businesses to attain measurable KPIs, helping them generate leads, secure appointments, and drive sales to exceed their income goals.

More than 15% conversions
With a conversion rate of more than 15%, our results speak volumes about the effectiveness of our digital marketing efforts.
3 to 5 sold properties per month
Consistently achieving between 3 to 5 property sales each month demonstrates our commitment to delivering successful real estate outcomes.

Work Involved

The Challenge

Real estate agents have it rough, with close to 40,000 other competition and the only 3 things you can do to a property is to buy, sell, or rent. Helping each agent set themselves apart is always the biggest challenge.

Asset progression ads such as sell 1, buy 2 with just $6000 has been used to the death and it’s a buyers market now, making appointment setting the biggest challenge any agent can have.

Our Solution

All real estate clients follow our L.E.A.D.S. framework to help them generate more leads, appointment and sales, namely

  • L.eads
  • E.xposure
  • A.uthority
  • D.ifferentiation
  • S.ales


At D’Marketing Agency, our dedicated efforts are geared towards achieving short-term gains. We execute campaigns that excel in generating leads, whether it’s for new property launches, asset growth, or attracting prospective buyers to view our clients’ listings.


Our strategic ad campaigns are designed to foster trust and credibility over time, ensuring that our clients receive the exposure they need to establish lasting connections with their audience. We believe in the power of consistent, impactful advertising to build lasting relationships.


We understand that establishing authority in your field is paramount. We strive to position our clients as industry experts, enabling them to command the same level of trust and recognition that top consultants receive when solving critical problems for their clients


We recognise the competitive landscape in real estate, where prospects often engage with multiple agents. To prevent our clients from being perceived as ‘just another agent,’ we empower them to stand out, provide exceptional value, and forge lasting trust with their prospects, ensuring they shine uniquely in the market.


We believe in the power of strategic follow-up for successful sales. Our clients are equipped with follow-up sequences through SMS, WhatsApp, and email to discern between potential buyers and browsers, allowing them to focus their efforts where it matters most to maximise their sales potential.

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At D’Marketing Agency, our approach to digital marketing is a dynamic blend of swift lead generation and strategic, long-term relationship building. While we excel at rapidly generating leads for new launch projects within days, we understand that the true value lies in the lasting trust and credibility we help our clients establish over time. Our goal is to craft a scenario where, when prospects reach out to our clients, they say something like:

‘Hey, #AgentName, I’ve been following your journey for months, and I genuinely admire your expertise and dedication. Can you assist me in selling my property?’

This dialogue reflects not just a transactional exchange but a testament to the strong rapport and brand authority we assist our clients in cultivating.

The Results

Engagements per ad
0 +
New launch leads for a single best-selling product
Viewing requests per listing


$1,703 Spent on FB ads
in 2 months, 194 total leads generated


$2,586 Spent on FB ads
in 2 months, 172 total leads generated


$2,820 Spent on FB ads
in 2 months, 484 total leads generated


$4,299 Spent on FB ads
in 4 months, 169 total leads generated

Sims Villa

$856 Spent on FB ads
in 1 month, 82 total leads generated

4BR Condo

$1,910 Spent on FB ads
in 1 month, 154 total leads generated

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