Tech Advancement Made Possible With the Help of ESG's PSG Grant

With Enterprise Singapore’s Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), you may now automate your business operations through technology. Make the most out of it by partnering with D’Marketing Agency.

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Rocket Launch Your Business With PSG Grant's SGD 30,000 IT Solutions Subsidy

If you fall under the “small and medium-sized enterprises” category, there’s no need to worry about financial support — Enterprise Singapore (ESG) has got your back. 

ESG aims to help grow small businesses by encouraging them to embrace automation, yielding easier operations processes for businesses and clients. The government agency accomplishes this by offering a PSG Grant, amounting to SGD 30,000!

With their support, you can finally build your team or hire a digital marketing agency to help create apps, websites, and other digital assets for you. With these modern tools, you and your prospects will have a more effortless time doing business.

Digital Marketing Agency Singapore Is the Right Investment

Digitizing and tempering your business operations with technology can be tricky, especially when you have no information technology background. Instead of taking risks, make sure you get the most out of your PSG Grant by partnering with a proven-and-tested marketing agency in Singapore — DMA. With us, representing your business online and making everything work faster using innovative solutions is a breeze. 

Why Invest Your PSG Grant In a Digital Marketing Agency?

Technology requires knowledge, expertise, and experience to work the way you want it. Without any IT background and first-hand experience in tech implementation, forcing your small cafe or fitness center’s premature website to accept payments online may bring more problems when bugs due to poor coding occur. 

With a tenured digital marketing agency by your side, you can confidently acquire a problem-free website that can accept payments, gather leads, and offer personalized responses. Here at DMA, we can even go beyond by implementing SEO, organic marketing, paid media, and search ads to increase your brand awareness. 

Why D'Marketing Agency?

Your PSG Grant is vital to improving your business’ performance, operations, and marketing. That is why we’re here to deliver cutting-edge technologies that can simplify processes to help your business grow. Below are a few of what we offer to help you connect with your potential clients more effectively.

Search Engine Optimization

With Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your website becomes more visible when people search for specific keywords relevant to your niche or industry. SEO’s greatest advantage is that it doesn’t require you to pay a cent for keywords you rank for — long-term returns.  

Search Engine Marketing

Similar to SEO, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is all about boosting your online presence through keyword ranking. However, this strategy provides immediate results but at the expense of paying search engines like Google and Bing.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is an effective marketing strategy that helps people trust you more by knowing what you do. It creates an opportunity for your audience to discover what you have to offer without the need for heavy advertising — building your trust score and reputation. 


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a strategy that directly connects you with your prospects on social media platforms. It’s a holistic approach to getting in touch with your audience through content sharing, pro-active engagement, re-engagement, and offering instant support.


Lead Generation

Your PSG Grant will bring more money to your business through our lead generation services at DMA. Here, we analyze both you and your audience to develop effective marketing strategies that we can execute online that will eventually bring in more sales. 

Branding and Identity

Apart from content and advertising, we also provide you with branding services that help your audience recognize you faster. We have talented creatives who know the art of positively representing your business through visuals. 


Another thing that technology breathes is faster data acquisition. Receiving leads and money-yielding information can be tricky, especially when you’re not sure what to look for — but that’s why we’re here. We can help you decipher data and make the most out of it to help you make better decisions for your business.

Web Design and Development

Here at DMA, your PSG Grant can turn into a powerful asset that will serve you for decades — website building and design. We create compelling websites that not only showcase what you are about but give a completely immersive experience.

Freelancers or DIY vs. Professional Agency

Doing things on your own can seem incredibly inviting, especially when you can save more of your PSG grant and spend it on other non-tech-related things to improve your productivity. However, is that really a bright idea? 

DIY / Freelancers

Per Month Estimate SGD 7,800-13,700!

  • Project Management – SGD 800-1,500
  • Web Development – SGD 1,000-2,000
  • Content Creation – SGD 1,000-1,500
  • SEO – SGD 1,200-2,000
  • Social Media Marketing – SGD 800-1,500
  • Branding – SGD 1,000-2,500
  • Organic Marketing – SGD 700-1,500
  • Paid Media Marketing – SGD 800-1,200

D’Marketing Agency

Monthly Payment of Only SGD 3,000!

  • With Project Manager
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding
  • Keyword Research and Opportunity Analysis
  • On-Page SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Content and Copy Search Optimization
  • Content Audit
  • Local SEO
  • High-Authority Link Building
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Internal Linking
  • Error Fixing
  • Google Search Console
  • Technology Integration
  • SEO Tools Deployment
  • Holistic Digital Marketing Approach
  • Adjacent Services Provided

Your PSG Grant Is in Good Hands

Working with freelancers or learning things yourself can be more costly when looking at the bigger picture. 

Learning takes hours and hours of your time, which you could have spent focusing on your operations by hiring a digital marketing agency to handle your business’s tech and marketing side. On the other hand, hiring freelancers is a gamble. It’s a hit or miss as there’s no quality assurance. 

With D’Marketing Agency Singapore, your PSG Grant will cover a long-term project that will enhance both your operations, customer acquisition, and customer relationship through technology.

Outperform Your Competitors

By putting your business online and making the most out of technology, you can perform faster than your competitors. About 90% of people today are more dependent on tech than ever. Not being present where your prospects spend their time the most is the same as throwing away thousands of potential earnings per month. 

More Reasons to Choose Us

Apart from the above, here’s a straightforward rundown of why D’Marketing agency is the best agency when it comes to handling your PSG Grant to improve your business. 

Run by Singaporeans

❌ Rarely, mostly from overseas

Project Manager Included

✅ Always


SEO + Advanced Strategies

Basic only

Content Creation

Pay extra

Social Media Marketing


Graphic design only


✅Weekly and monthly

✅Monthly only

Asset Security

Expert Digital Marketing Consultation


Our certified digital marketing consultants will provide you with a FREE marketing consultation.

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) FAQs

If you have:

  • Singapore-based business with at least a 30 percent local shareholding
  • No more than SGD 100 million in annual sales for the entire company or no more than 200 employees for the entire company.
  • The Equipment or IT Solution must be purchased, leased, or subscribed to in Singapore
  • Any religious organization
  • Charities, Institutions of Public Characters (IPCs)
  • Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO)
  • Government agencies and subsidiaries

You also must not have:

  • Paid a third-party vendor or supplier for IT solution or equipment purchase/lease/subscription
  • Purchased/leased/subscribed to the IT solution/equipment from a supplier, vendor, or third-party

Depending on the needs of a company, it is possible to submit multiple PSG applications. However, only one package per solution category and deployment location is allowed.

Among the applications that fall under multiple applications is:

  • New purchase of equipment or IT solution
  • Extra purchase of the IT solution for a different department or location

A grant cap of S$30,000 is imposed on each company supported by ESG, which begins on April 1 and runs through March 31 of the following year.

The grant cap expires at the end of the validity period, so companies that have used all of their grant funds will have to wait until the next time it is refreshed to apply for new funding. Please plan for the use of the PSG when purchasing goods and services.

About six weeks after all required information is submitted, the application is processed.

To account for the application outcome and processing duration required, companies are strongly encouraged to submit their applications ahead of time.

Companies can proceed with the project and purchase the equipment/IT solution before the outcome of the application is finalized. However, if your application is rejected, you cannot file a claim in the future.

When companies have used the solution for a month or more, they are encouraged to submit their claims for reimbursement. Submissions that aren’t complete will be held up.

You can expect to receive your money within 14 working days of submitting your GIRO form if your claim has been approved.

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