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Name cards are the primary marketing tool for your business and believe it or not every prospective lead of yours would expect you to have one. Legible typography, minimalist design, key details highlighted serves the purpose. When you are exploring for new leads/connections, a business card is vital. Designing a name card in a word document or printing in a low cost paper will not work. Contact a professional name card designer to get your business cards designed now.

With over 200+ cards designed, I have extensive knowledge with the perfect usage of fonts for your name card design which could help in spreading your business.

Read more about name card FAQ to get your questions answered.


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How to design a Name card:
The Ultimate 10 Step Guide

Although we live in a digital era, name card design still plays a main role when it comes to business. Imagine you are meeting someone on an official note and would like to keep in contact for future prospects. A quick exchange of a name card which is creative and conveys all the key vital information will clinch the attention of your client. It is very important to have your name card designed by a good name card design Singapore freelancer.


Choose your card shape

If you have already fixed the traditional rectangular business card, you can skip this step but if you want to know your options further read this step. The printing techniques are more advanced and affordable and die-cutting edge technique enables us to take print in any shape that we want. This enables you to be as creative as you would like to be but don’t forget that your name card represents you, so make sure it projects you well.


Choose your card size

The standard size of a name card is your country’s standard size of a name card. What? Why?

Because each country follows a different standard size for a name card, for example, North American Standard is 3.5 × 2 inches, the european Standard is 3.346 × 2.165 inches and the Oceania standard is 3.54 × 2.165 inches.


Know the print terms

There is another factor to consider when designing. It is the following three areas of your name card that should be left empty.

  • Bleed area: the outermost area that will be cut while printing.
  • Trim line: the border line where the card should be cut.
  • Safety line: as the name implies this is for safety if the cut comes a bit inwards.


Remember basic design principles

Design principles for printing must be followed when setting the layout for the name card, it is important to pay attention to this name card design layout setup. Check if you have left enough space for the Bleed area, trim line and safety line in your name card.

  • Use 300dpi for best image production
  • Use minimum size for your typography to make your name card look legible
  • Use CMYK format.


Logo and graphics

Elements of a name card plays a good role in visualisation. Name Cards should have a logo which represents your business. Your logo should take the center stage of your business card, it should be the most attractive element of the name card because it is the identity of your business. Graphics can easily grab attention, so you can add graphic elements in your name card to make it attractive. If you want to make your name card approachable and casual use vectors and vibrant colors.


Add your contents

Content plays an important role, designs are to grab the attention of your audience but Information is the key which would help them to reach you. Make sure you place all the following details in your name card Name, Company name, Job title, Phone number, Email, Website URL, Social media(optional), Address, QR code, Slogan (optional) You can also add extra information that you want to add but make sure you highlight the important information so that the viewers don’t miss it out.


Choose your typeface and colors

Fonts and colors comprise a name card because they are predominantly present so it is important to choose them wisely. Your font should be attractive as well as readable. Remember each font possesses characteristics so make sure you use a font that suits your branding. Each Color has its own characteristics and emotions so it is important to know what you want before selecting your color. Also make sure that the color of your logo design and name card color should match with each other.



Use special finishes

Using special finishes are another to make your name card a stand out. You can top it in several ways however I’m listing a few popularly used special finishes that can make your card attractive

  • Embossing: This technique is creating a 3 dimensional design that is used to make certain areas of your name card to pop out.
  • Letterpressing: It is pushing the paper down and making the letters and design look it it has popped out of the paper
  • Foil stamping: If you want your name card to look shiny and reflective like a thin foil then you can use this method.
  • Spot UV coating: This can be used to make certain elements of your design shinier than the others.


Be creative and give them something useful

Creativity is the most important thing in designing, so be creative. Break the box and try new designs. Now printing has advanced techniques so try to give them something useful. Like printing your name card in a transparent plastic, metal, wood or even slate. Don’t let them throw away, give them something they would keep. Like giving your name card in a debit card which they can use or give it in a hair click holder type. Give them anything that they will keep.


Finalise your design

Finally when your name card is done and print a sample and proofread and check if everything is accurate and check the visual flow of your card like which is read first by your mind and which attracts. Also check if the colors match and fonts are readable.


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A professional name card for your business is very important, name card designs leave a good impression about your business to your customers. Name cards help to pass the key information about your business to your customers. I have tried to answer a good number of questions about name cards which would be useful.

As a Name card designer in Singapore, I incorporate the best effort delivering you the stunning designs ensuring an astounding professional name card that reveals your business position. Once the name card gets into the hands of the users it is assured that you would receive a genuine client who cannot deny the efficiency of your brand.


The standard business card/name card size is 3.5 x 2 inches. This would be the right size to print all your key business information with a good typography font size.

However, as the design trend changes, you can also have custom size as your business demands in different shapes. Speak with your name card designer now to know the size that suits based on your requirements

Yes, Subraa provides the source files of the name card for you to enable editing in the near future or if you like your printers to come up with additional cards at no extra charge.

Currently printing services are not available with Subraa, and when you order for a name card design, Subraa provides the printable files and the source files for you to get it printed. The print preferences are set in the final files based on the printer’s choice.


Normally, name cards are free along with the logo design packages of Subraa. However, if you hire a namecard design Singapore freelancer then you may have to spend around $20 – $50 based on the designs.


It is good to list your services in the back side of your business card, as you may provide details about your services to your clients, but when they check your name card at a later stage they might forget, having the services listed in your back side is good to have.

Sure, you could add images that do not disturb the fonts visibility in your name cards. You must choose the best printing services if you opt for the images in your name card.

In general, Subraa takes about 1-2 working days to design the name card, get it finalized from the client and deliver the design files.


Yes, few clients have important meetings with business prospects and Subraa understands the importance of the urgency and helps in delivering the name cards within a short time frame.

Subraa can be reached at +65 97957890 or you could email to You could also use the live chat on For any urgent requirements you could also WhatsApp.


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