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When you think of brands, you also think of their logos – like McDonald’s “Golden Arches” and Nike’s “Swoosh.” A great logo helps your business create a unique identity in your customers’ minds and connect with their emotions. It instantly represents what you do and establishes trust for your business.

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Your business logo plays a considerable role in brand recognition. It’s what you put in almost every advertisement, product, and asset of your business. A logo represents every aspect of your business operations, from the problem it solves to its main value proposition. It also reflects your company’s culture and attitude. 

If you want to stand out from your competition, get a unique logo with these characteristics:

Let the best logo creator in Singapore help you create a logo that will leave a lasting impression on your target customers. Our affordable logo design solutions have helped hundreds of businesses in the country achieve market superiority. Contact us today!

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Why Choose DMA- Singapore's No. 1 Freelance Logo Designer

Digital Marketing Agency understands the various aspects of what makes a successful business. We have designed numerous logos for companies for Singaporean clients and clients based in other parts of the globe. Our custom-designed logos are carefully crafted based on the requirements of the client and the behavior of the market they are involved with.

DMA weighs every important factor of logo design, so you won’t have to worry about easy market recognition. These are just some of the advantages we have over other logo designers:

Get started on your excellent logo design now! 

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Logo Design Singapore Plans

Get the best logo design package from Singapore’s most trusted logo design solutions provider. We offer our top-notch logo design Singapore services to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re just a startup company or already a leader in your sector, we’re here to provide you with the best logo designs. Digital Marketing Agency is committed to helping you grow your business and elevate it to the next level.

When you get any logo design plans, it already includes multiple design ideas, color options, and revisions.

However, printing is not included in our logo design Singapore services.





Package Notes:

Design Concepts are ideas or designs that follow the client’s requirements. The number of design concepts varies per our logo design Singapore package.

Revisions – pertains to changes or edits as requested by the customer. They cover only certain aspects or elements of the design and not the entire approved concept.


Digital Marketing Agency understands that your logo will be used in various applications such as websites, posters, digital ads, and social media. Thus, we made it easier for you to access the files using different design platforms. When you get your final logo deliverables, they are available in different file formats. We also included an AI source file that can scale to any size while retaining its quality. This versatility what puts our logo design Singapore services apart from the rest of the competition.

File Formats Who Uses It Usability File's Purpose

Adobe Illustrator

Graphic Designers, Printing Companies


Printing, Collateral Designs


Printing Companies


Printing, Collateral Designs


Client, Graphic Designers


Printing, Collateral Designs

JPG (High)

Client, Web Designers, Web Developers


Documents, Powerpoint Slide Design, Website, Blogs, Social Media Profiles

JPG Format

JPG (Low)

Client, Web Designers, Web Developers

Web Use

Digital Advertisements, Website, Social Media

PNG Format

PNG (High)

Client, Web Designers, Web Developers

Transparent, Universal

Documents, Powerpoint Slide Design, Website, Blogs, Social Media Profiles

PNG Format

PNG (Low)

Client, Web Designers, Web Developers

Transparent, Universal

Digital Advertisements, Website, Social Media

Logo Branding Guide

Branding Guide


Font, Color Selection Guide

Printing, Collateral Designs

**Please note that the logo’s files are scalable and can be adjusted to any size. Thus, it’s crucial to know the print dimensions of the material and size the file accordingly.


Every business in the market has a logo. Whether it’s a small mom & pop shop or a globally recognized brand, you can expect that they put a logo on everything. Logos help your business sell by making it easier for your customers to remember your company’s products or services and core values. 

Wordmark Logo Design

Wordmarks or logotypes contain the company’s name, which is written in a specific typeface. It’s a simple logo design but very effective since people don’t have to pay extra attention to any other detail. This type of logo works best for companies with a unique name,

Examples: Coca-Cola, eBay, and Kellogg’s.


Letterform logos are based on the first letter of the brand or company’s name. This type of logo is often supplemental since they also have a wordmark version, which they use on various occasions. This type of logo suits companies that are already popular. 


Examples: Facebook’s “F” logo and Netflix’s “N” logo.

Monogram Logos

Monograms or letterforms are logos that incorporate the company’s initials. This type of logo is popular in brands or organizations with long names. Shortening the company’s name into initials makes it easier for customers to recall them.


Examples: HBO, CNN, and IBM

Mascot Design

This type of logo is based on the brand’s ambassadors or mascots. The logo can be based on real people, or it can be a fictitious creature as long as it relates to the brand. Mascots are suitable for connecting with your target market because they have a fun, friendly, and playful vibe. 

Examples: KFC’s Colonel Sanders, Michelin’s Michelin Tyre Man, and Planter’s Mr. Peanut

Emblem Logo Design

Emblem or badge logos combine symbolic images and ornate designs similar to traditional crests. This type of logo is prevalent in many industries, such as coffee, universities, and sports teams. Some emblem logos also include a slogan or a brand message. 


Examples: Starbucks, Warner Brothers, and the NFL

Pictorial Marks Logo Design

This logo design uses symbols and pictorial marks that best reflect the company or brand’s identity or activity. The object used in the symbol can also be used to suggest your brand’s message and values. 

Examples: Apple, Target, and Instagram

Abstract Logo Design

Abstract logos also use images to reflect the company or brand. However, instead of using real-world objects, it uses abstract forms in the image. Since they don’t depict anything specific, it can help your company have a unique logo in your niche or industry. 

Examples: Adidas’ “three stripes” and Pepsi’s “globe.”

Combination Mark Logo Design

This type of logo design combines images and words to represent its brand. It’s a versatile logo design since you can split the image and text to suit different branding needs. Combination marks are excellent for startups who want to build brand recognition. 

Examples: Dove, Toblerone, and Taco Bell. 

Dynamic Marks

Dynamic marks are the most versatile form of logos since they can take different forms. This type of logo often has a common characteristic or style that makes it easier for people to recognize. Google, for example, often launches different colorful wordmark logo that reflects a specific celebration or holiday.  

Examples: Virgin, MTV, and Nickelodeon


Hiring a freelance logo designer in Singapore is an affordable way to get a logo for your brand or company. However, they might not be the best fit for the job since they have fewer resources and manpower for the task. Meanwhile, a professional logo design company like Digital Marketing Agency has a creative team that can churn out fresh ideas for your logo.

You may have several questions regarding Digital Marketing Agency’s operations and value proposition. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our services and platform:

Yes. We value inputs and ideas from our customers. If you have images, concepts, elements, or suggestions that you want to be in your logo, don’t hesitate to tell us. Our team is more than happy to listen to your requirements and will do our best to comply with the agreed parameters of the logo.  

Yes, you can have your logo in every color variation. However, we put an additional cost for this extra service. You can also get the logo in a black and white color scheme or full color. If you want to save a bit of money, we suggest sticking to the original brand colors that were agreed upon by both our parties.

The cost of a logo design usually depends on multiple factors, such as the complexity of the design and the number of elements in it. You can review our different tiers of logo design packages and see what best fits your needs and budget. We also offer a free quote based on our client’s design specifications and requirements. 

Aside from the logo design, other deliverables include all relevant source files. They are also available in various formats such as Adobe Illustrator, PDF, JPG, and PNG. The images are also available in high and low resolution so that you can use them on various online platforms and for printing purposes. 

We can send you the logo’s Photoshop (PSD) file upon request. However, note that the logo image has been made in Adobe Illustrator. Hence, some layers might not be editable because of compatibility issues between the two editing programs. 

Please provide the Adobe Illustrator file for any printing purposes. The AI file is the logo’s source file, and using it allows printing the image at any size without using the quality of its resolution. To be sure, you can ask the printing company which files they prefer. 


It takes about four to seven working days to get your logo design. The release of the logo depends on several factors, such as the complexity of the design and the number of elements in it. You can expect to get the initial concepts of the logo in three working days or less.

Redrawing a logo usually takes one working day. However, this can take more time for more complex projects with multiple design parameters and requirements. We constantly give updates about the status of the logo.

Yes. However, adding concepts that weren’t mentioned in the package you availed of will incur additional charges. Please notify us if you want to have additional concepts so we can give you a fair quote.

It’s pretty rare for our clients not to like the design of their logo since we go the extra mile to fulfill all of their requirements. If you don’t like the initial logo concepts, we can add another free concept based on your feedback and suggestions. 


It depends on the package you purchased. The basic package requires a 100% upfront payment deposit. Meanwhile, the other more expensive packages require 50% upfront and 50% payment before we send the final deliverables.  

All fully-paid logos that we designed belongs to the client. You own the copyright, provided that the total amount of the project has been paid. 

Most definitely. It’s part of our logo design Singapore contract that every logo we make for our clients belongs to them.

Get The Best Logo Designs

Our team of certified digital marketing experts will give you a risk-free marketing consultation, providing:

Branding Expertise

Digital Marketing Agency’s consultants have years of experience in business development and marketing. They know how to translate your business goals into actionable steps, especially in branding. The logo designs they create have undergone extensive research and brainstorming to ensure that it sticks into the minds of your customers. 

Competitor Analysis

To make your logo unique and separate it from the competition, we study the market segment you are in and find new opportunities. Our team carefully considers every concept, color palette, text, and message in your logo. As a result, we often come up with logo designs that are fresh, unique, and easy on the eyes. 

Multiple Logo Applications

Our marketing experts and designers understand that your logo will be put in almost everything related to your business. Thus, we design the logos to be highly adaptable to online and offline applications. Whether you’re putting the logo on your store sign or your website’s favicon, we ensure that it the well-detailed and has the best resolution possible. 

Well-Drawn Concept Sketches

We provide our customers with impressive concept sketches containing all our logo design ideas based on their input and requirements. Our team also follows a strict process and promotes open communication with the client so that we can create the best logo design for their business. Moreover, we offer revisions and are committed to giving them a satisfactory output. 

Stunning Digital Images

Once the concept sketches have been approved, we will move on to providing you with beautiful logo images. We go over multiple options for the color, fonts, and other elements of the logo. Then, our team chooses those that meet your requirements and are likely to get your customers’ attention. The client can also ask for revisions of any element, and we are more than willing to oblige to their request. 

Highly Refined Output and Variations

After applying the final touches to the logo, we will send the file to the client for approval. We refine every aspect of the logo and provide several variations so they have more options. The final deliverable logo images are available in various formats (JPG, PDF, PNG, and AI as the source file).

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