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Every Great Thing Requires Time and Effort, So Does Your Keywords

D’Marketing Keyword Research Agency takes keyword research one step higher by not just relying on SEO tools. We manually input keywords and see Google’s ranked websites to understand how to put your website to the top and beat the competition.

Target Audience Demographics

You need to know your target audience’s qualities and habits to choose keywords that draw in qualified leads. And our keyword research can do that with ease.

Competitive Keyword Research

Often, the lesser volume phrase has a better chance of succeeding than the larger one. Competition for organic search engine rankings may be too expensive to fight for smaller competitors, who may not have the resources to compete with larger companies.

Long-Tail Search Terms

By having a keyword research agency work on long-tail keywords, it is possible to identify low-volume keywords with high conversion rates and significant profit margins. There may just be one or two consumers searching for a specific overhead crane, but each transaction is worth $1 million, so it’s worth pursuing.


Even if the term “employer benefits seminars” is highly searched, it is unlikely to be worth pursuing as a marketing target if a human resources outsourcing organization does not provide this service. Our keyword research agency ensures that you’ll only rank for those that bring in money and positive experience.

Search Volume

Likely to be more promising is the term with 40,000 monthly searches than the phrase with 4,000 monthly searches. However, as a responsible keyword research agency, we consider competitiveness into the equation as well.


The term “packaging” is too broad in its definition to attract relevant searches, despite its vast volume. Although “purchase packing boxes” may have a lower volume, its relevance and intensity of user intent are unquestionably more powerful.


A keyword that receives 35,000 worldwide queries per month, but your organization solely sells in Singapore is probably not worth targeting. That’s why our keyword research agency is careful with location-based SEO.

Local SEO Keyword Research

We have extensive expertise in doing keyword research for firms that cater to certain geographic regions.

There is Keyword Research ROI, and then there is everything else.

What Is Keyword Research

At the heart of a great SEO strategy are keywords. Google, Bing, and Yahoo all use the term “keywords” to describe the terms put into the search box. However, keywords are much more than that. Customers’ search terms indicate a lot about them and how they go about looking for information. Therefore, it’s critical for you and your keyword research agency to choose keywords based on how your target audience thinks and searches.

Researching the terms that people use in search engines to look for a particular service, product, or solution is “keyword research.” To determine the best keywords to target for your site, you must think like a consumer and study the terms people use to achieve their desired results. In essence, keyword research is a technique that helps consumers discover what they’re looking for by intelligently selecting keywords.

Researching keywords is more about attracting the correct people to your site than selecting search phrases that speak about what your site offers. Researching keywords may serve as a link between a business and its prospective consumers by focusing on the motives of those clients and where they are in the buying process.

Targeting “head terms” or “long-tail keywords” as part of your keyword research strategy is another way to improve your search engine rankings. Although being searched less often than head phrases, long-tail keywords account for the bulk of daily searches. Long-tail keywords make up about 70% of all search inquiries, making them very successful in gaining traffic. They’re connected to more generic terms, but they’re also narrower in scope. 

A person or keyword research agency who searches for “cars” on Google will likely get many results that aren’t specific enough for their needs. Instead, focusing on “cars” long-tail keywords like “Mercedes-Benz 230” is a more successful strategy to rank for search phrases that a person looks for with the intention of purchasing.

Benefits of Keyword Research

A keyword research agency finding the right keywords for your company and figuring out where you stand in Google’s rankings for those phrases is called “keyword research.” Keyword research is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy. Here are a few of the most significant grounds why this strategy is imperative for success:

  • You can better comprehend your brand and company if you have a firm grasp of your keyword phrases. What do you have to offer? Why should I hire you? If you are unsure about this, it is helpful to identify your keywords first or have a professional keyword research agency do it for you.
  • You may use keyword research to find out where you rank for keywords, which keywords are effortless to rank for, and which keywords your competitors are ranking for, among other important information.
  • If search engines don’t know what your company is about, they won’t rank your website highly. Google may then rank you for those keywords if you target them on various pages of your website through SEO.
  • The use of targeted keywords in outreach and blog posts might help your website get more visitors. Our keyword research agency will prove incredibly valuable in your efforts to creating content.
  • Every digital marketing strategy should begin with keyword research, but it should be a continuing activity. You should keep an eye on your keyword rankings and see how you stack up against your competition regularly.

Your content and pages should be centered on the keywords you’ve researched. When used in conjunction with several other SEO tactics, it will help your website rise in the search engine results and be discovered by more people. If you want the best results, you should always work with a keyword research agency – DMA.

Experience and Expertise

Since the early 2000s, D’Marketing Agency has been working with SEO. Our full-time, in-house SEO staff is well-versed in the numerous aspects of keyword research. Currently, we are one of the most effective middle-market SEO services in Singapore, and we are always doing keyword research projects for our clients.

Focus on Lead Generation

We concentrate on keyword research as a means of generating leads and money for our clients. We choose keywords based on their likelihood of garnering attention from high-quality clients, whether it’s a survey of the most popular phrases or long-tail keyword research.

It's All About You!

We’d love to hear from you on how we can improve our keyword research! The information you have about your industry and consumer base is priceless when figuring out which search phrases will bring in new business and which ones won’t. Collaborative methods provide you an advantage over the hands-off competition.

Want to Rank for Keywords That Lead to Sales?

Our expert SEO specialist will be more than eager to assist you. Let us do the research you need to finally put your website on Google’s first page.

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