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The importance of outdoor team building activities: How can they help to create effective teamwork in the company?


Organizations cannot function and deliver with individual efforts. Organization’s success involves a team of individuals envisioning the organization’s goal and collectively working towards it. However, employees are not always aligned in working with a team. Therefore, organizations need to engage employees and strive for building team collaboration with team building activities.

Studies and surveys have confirmed that team building activities can be successful in motivating employees towards teamwork. When trying to engage employees, outdoor team building activities can be more efficient than indoor activities as employees are more physically engaged in case of outdoor activities. Organizations too have realized this and are starting to invest on outdoor team building activities. For example, outdoor team building activities for employees in Singapore have progressed from scavenger hunts to team gardening activities. Out of the box activities like this not only keep employees engaged but also motivate them to collaborate with each other. Outdoor activities are sometimes avoided by executives as they require more resources and planning than indoor activities. But the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Here is how they help to create effective teamwork in organizations:

Improves collaboration

Collaboration is the foundation of a highly productive team. In a collaborative environment team members exchange ideas freely, share resources, are happier, and interact with customers better. However, team collaboration must be a persistent effort that is a merger of technology and social interactions. Outdoor team building activities can be the perfect social strategy to aid an organization’s collaboration efforts. They allow team members to connect personally and share common interests while collaborating to complete an activity.

Keeps teams engaged and motivated

Employee engagement is a challenge for employers as unengaged employees lead to unproductive teams. While sometimes organizations try to keep employees motivated with perks and rewards, extrinsic motivation does not give consistent results. As opposed to perks, investing in individual employee wellbeing can translate into a compounded effect on employee motivation. Team building activities are one such investment. When organized outdoors these activities create a sense of excitement and fun spirit.

Acknowledging teamwork

Sometimes leaders reward individual team members for achievements and milestones. While there is nothing wrong with that, rewarding individual efforts can cause other team members to feel ignored and trigger conflict. Acknowledging teamwork and celebrating it can create a sense of camaraderie, support, and unified vision for the team. Team building activities can help in emphasizing this. The activity can be as simple as celebrating a milestone with a lunch or can be elaborate like a cooking session with the team. Regardless of the activity, outdoor team building activities can help in creating a team spirit by acknowledging teamwork rather than celebrating individual success.

Improves physical and mental health of employees

Healthy employees are an asset to organizations as they perform and engage better. An investment into employee health is an investment into long term success of the organization. Employees too consider these investments as the organization’s commitment to employee welfare. Outdoor team building activities are one such investment as they improve both physical and mental health of employees. For example, an outdoor adventure and puzzle activity can relieve employees of stress, improve logical and decision-making skills while having fun. These activities always do not have to be adventures or games, sometimes they can be as simple as a fitness day for your team. Team fitness days are more impactful although not very creative as they resonate with employee lifestyles.

Memorable, fun, and creative

As human beings are more emotional beings than logical, we are more likely to retain things that are memorable, fun, and engaging. Team members cherish moments that are fun, engaging, and heartfelt with their colleagues. Therefore, any team building activity must be fun, memorable, and creative. Thinking out of the box and organizing creative activities can help in creating lasting memories. But this requires planning in advance and probably involving your team into the planning. Out of the box activities are also more likely stay relevant to goals like collaboration, leadership, planning, and communication. Outdoor team building activities can create these lasting memories as employees forge bonds with each other. For example, an outdoor adventure activity with team is more memorable than a conference room conversation on teamwork.

Outdoor team building activities are critical in building a highly collaborative and engaging work environment. They help employees relax, bond with one another, and collaborate in a healthy environment. These activities require careful planning, resources, and consistency to get the desired results.

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