How To Give Facebook Access To Your Agency

Guide On How To Give Facebook Access To Your Agency Partner

Facebook access

A straightforward step-by-process guide for creating Business Managers and giving Facebook access to your partner agency. You’ve hired an experienced team to assist you in taking the quality of your Facebook advertisements to the next level. This marks the start of what could turn out to be your best year ever.


Before you make the most of this Facebook marketing power, first, you’ll have to accomplish one thing: Give access to the account to the agency you work for! Although you might be thinking about what to do next, the process is pretty straightforward. We’ll take you step-by-step through the entire procedure. If you follow through, you’ll have everything in a flash.

  • There are two options to give an access point for your Facebook Ads account—and different levels of access you can provide to your digital marketing company. We’ll discuss both options and which one is best to give to other individuals within the agency.

You’ll notice that we insist on using the Facebook Business Manager Account since it’s the best way to grant access to your agency. If you’re not ready to use that method, don’t worry. We’ll show you the covert way to give access to your company at the end of this article. (But we recommend you read the rest of this post to find out what you’re missing!)

  • It’s time to put your marketing on the right track; let’s start!

But first

  • Do you have a business manager account connected to the Facebook ad account? We strongly recommend setting up an account called a Business Manager account as it permits you to:
    • Manage your accounts, advertising pages, and applications from one central location.
    • Manage multiple accounts simultaneously.
    • Offer your staff members and agents different levels of access privileges following their roles and needs.
    • Keep all the reports in one location.
    • You can quickly partner up with your partner!

If you’re not registered with Business Manager, follow the steps below to begin using this vital tool:

  1. Visit
Facebook Business Manager

2. Choose the option to create an account.

3. Input your name as your Business Manager (business title).

Facebook Business Manager account

4. Enter your name and your work email address.

Facebook Business Manager Profile

5. Choose the main page you’ll be using to manage your business by entering the name of the Page in the search box and then clicking on that Page.

Facebook Business Manager

6. In the end, you’ll have to enter the name of your Facebook Ads account into the search box and then click it when it appears in your search results to connect it to the Business Manager you’ve created.

Facebook Business Manager search

That’s it!

You’ve completed the process of creating the Business Manager for your company. You’ve added your business page and ad account, and you’re now ready to share your budget and your agency partner!

After You’ve Created The Business Management System

After you’ve put your business manager in place, now is the time to dive into the flesh and potatoes of this blog!

Let’s get to Business!

  • Start by going to It will bring the user to their Page for your Business Manager profile.
Facebook Business Management System
  • In the top-right corner, click Business Settings.
  • Suppose you hover over the icons in the menu (the blue “people” icon as well as the grey icons below the blue “people” icon). In that case, the Settings menu will pop up. You can click on Ad Accounts to assign partners.
Facebook Business Manager Add account
  • Choose your account if you wish to add a new partner.
Facebook Business Manager account
  • In the upper right corner, click Assign Partner in the top right corner.
Facebook Business Manager assign partner
  • You’ll be able to enter your partner’s details on a new screen that will open.
Facebook Business Manager connect to partner page

It is common to choose the position of Administrator for your digital marketing company since they’ll require it to manage your marketing.

If you’re interested in what each role gives access to, look at one look at the following:


Administrators have complete control over the advertising account. They’ll be able to adjust billing information, create ads, and even manage and post to your Facebook fan page. You should only grant this information to a trusted partner, such as your digital marketing agency.


If you are a company with an in-house marketing department, you can opt for this option. The partner will have full access to your advertising options. However, it doesn’t permit the partner to modify billing details or publish to your Facebook fan page. In this situation, you’ll be accountable for changing this information. In the event of a problem, the campaigns could be stopped until you resolve the issue.


Analyst access lets you see what’s happening within the operation of ads; however, they aren’t able to modify any aspect of your advertising. This is the kind of access you could provide before hiring an agency or when you instruct an employee in-house who is unfamiliar with Facebook advertising.

After choosing the role as your companion, you’ll receive an email hyperlink to send them. This is among the ways to provide access. Another method to grant accessibility is pressing the blue text “Connect your business account with my partner” or “Connect your account for business using your business ID from your partner instead.

Facebook Business Manager connect to ad account

If you click the blue link, you’ll be greeted by a brand new popup asking you to enter the partner ID of your agency. Your agency will supply you with the partner ID (it’s located at the bottom of their URL for Business Manager).

Facebook Business Manager partner ID

Enter the ID number of the agency, then select Connect.

For example, Uhuru clients enter 934536449904542.

Both your agency and you will be notified that you have gained access to the account, and they can start managing your marketing.

Giving access to Your Page(s)

You’ll also need to grant the access you need to your Page (s) to give your agency access to manage your ads. To do so:

  • You can open the Business Manager in your business manager.
  • Select “Business Settings.” 
  • Click on the icons to the left side to start your settings menu.
  • Select to open pages.
Facebook Business Manager giving access
  • In the upper right corner, the top right, click Assign Partner in the top right corner.
Facebook access add new pages
  • By doing so, a new panel will appear where you can enter your partner’s details.
Facebook access connect to a partner


Again, you’ll generally want to pick the position as a Page Advertiser for your agency. They’ll need this role to manage your advertisements efficiently.

After choosing the role as your companion, you’ll be supplied with an email URL to send them. This is merely one method of granting access. Clicking on the blue text “Connect your business account with my partner” or “Connect your account for business using your business ID from your partner instead” is another approach to grant you the access you require.

Facebook access add new pages settings
  • An extra popup will appear after clicking this link and ask you for the agency’s partner ID. Your agency will supply you with the partner ID (it’s on the last line of the URL for the Business Manager URL).
Facebook access business ID

Enter the number in the box and click Connect.

  • For example – Uhuru clients enter 934536449904542.

Both your agency and you will be notified of their access, and they can start managing your marketing.

If You Do Not Have And Aren’t In The Market For An Executive Manager For Your Business.

  • Remember how we promised you that we’d reveal how to sneakily give access to your account without signing up for Business Manager? Here it is. (Seriously, however, you should start registering by registering with the Business Manager. It’s simple and practical!)
  • Begin by going to the Advertiser Manager.
  • Select the hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines).
Facebook access Ad Manager
  • Click on All Tools to open the menu, and then choose the Settings for Ad Account.
Facebook access business test
  • Select the Account Roles.
Facebook access account roles
  • Select Add User (Note that they’ll have to be a friend before you’re able to include them).
Facebook access add account
  • Input their full name into the search field, then choose your agency.
  • Choose the appropriate role (Admin, Advertising, Admin, Analyst).
Facebook access new user
  • Then Submit.

At this moment, the agency will get confirmation that you’ve granted access, and they will be able to begin managing your advertisements.


  • This is a step-by-step guide for granting access to Facebook Ads to a digital marketing company. If you are stuck, don’t hesitate to call for help.

    Our agency can assist you in overcoming any challenges you face.

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