How To Generate Real Estate Leads The Traditional Way

How To Generate Real Estate Leads The Traditional Way




Referrals are one of the most impactful ways to attract new leads to your real estate business. This is why keeping your existing customers happy is so important.

And, just like a happy customer can bring more leads to you, an unhappy one can damage your reputation. This makes your existing customers all the more important.

Research suggests that 41% of buyers use a peer recommendation to work with an agent.

One way would be to wait for your satisfied customers to refer you to a peer, which is great. But, you can convert more people by helping your customers with their purchases and delight them.

That way, your business will be on top of their mind. Use the strategies discussed above to make sure you don’t lose touch with your past clients.

Networking with Other Agents


Other real estate agents don’t only have to be your competitors. You can join a group or association of property agents in your area and position yourself as a trusted service provider.

Your circle of the network shouldn’t only be limited to your locality; You should connect with other agents country-wide.

This way, they can let you know whenever someone is moving into your city or locality, and vice-versa.

Open Houses


Conducting open houses is a great way to present your listings as a real estate agent to a bunch of prospective buyers.

But, running an open house is only a part of this lead generation strategy. You need to have a system using which you can collect information about your buyer prospects and follow up with them.

First, you need to market the open house so that your prospects can know about it. You can put up flyers in your locality and do some word-of-mouth marketing to get the word out.

Once you get your prospective buyers to attend your open house, you need to capture their contact information. It can be a small sign-up form before the event. Or, you can try to talk to everyone in person and see if they are thinking of buying a house.

Lastly, you are going to follow up on those leads. Prospects that attend an open house are warm leads; so, it would be easier for you to convert them.

Partner Up with Local Businesses


You might also want to partner up with businesses that don’t fall under your business category. This can help you get more referrals and amp up your word-of-mouth marketing.

What you can do is, create a partnership with other local businesses so that they can recommend you when any of their customers need a realtor.

For instance, if you know an attorney, you can ask them to recommend you if their clients want realtors in Singapore.

And, this also works in their favor; you can help them get new customers within your network as well.

If you don’t know many business owners in your locality, your local chamber of commerce can be a great place to start.

Work with Investors


Another less obvious way to offer your services as a realtor in Singapore is by working with local investors.

People invest in property all the time. You just need to find the ones that are willing to buy and sell properties.

You can help them buy properties from homeowners first, and then help them sell that property for a profit.

Become an Expert in Local Affairs


Helping people can be a great way to get yourself recognized in your locality. You can be a common man’s go-to resource for every piece of information, adding value to their lives.

This way, you position yourself as a helpful business, increasing your chances of attracting more leads. It could be anything from the best elementary schools for kids to the best spot for a family outing.

You can also create YouTube videos showing different aspects of your hometown in minute detail. While many people might not care, you’ll be doing your real estate business a favor.

Become a Column Writer


One way to get good exposure as a realtor in Singapore is by writing columns about the industry. The more your writings get traction, the more you can grow your brand.

But, this is for only those who have the knack for writing. If you can keep it a consistent thing, you’d attract new leads on autopilot.

The folks at the paper company need good content on real estate and you need exposure and leads. It would be a win-win deal.

Sponsor Events


Any event that brings a lot of people in one place can be a lead generation opportunity for your real estate business.

Think about what type of activities are popular in your area? Sponsor events around those activities with your business’ name tag.

This not only allows you to widen your network but also allows you to collect the contact information of your prospects.

But, make sure the main focus is on the event itself. The idea would be to let the community know that you care about them as much as any other member.

Make Sure Everyone Knows About Your Business


This one relates to your business’ reach. The number of leads you’d generate is directly proportional to the popularity of your service.

What you can do is, give free real estate advice. Teach people about the real estate market. Market your business whenever possible. Don’t be a “secret agent”.

Make Moving Easy for Your Clients


You can also offer your clients a complimentary service and make moving to a new house easier for them.

For instance, you can partner up with a moving company and offer a free moving service to your client. Or, you can send over a cleaning service to the new house.

Anything that makes your customers happy. A delighted customer will almost always bring new leads to your business.

That was all about traditional outbound and inbound lead generation tactics. Let’s now delve into some modern and digital strategies for your real estate business.

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