Google My Business Listing: How to Fully Optimize

Google My Business Listing: How to Fully Optimize

Google My Business Profile image in a mobile phone

Utilize this guide to improve your Google My Business Profile listing for better visibility when customers nearby are searching for relevant keywords.

Google Business Profile is a free Google service that helps business owners manage their online presence on the search engine and its ever-expanding suite of applications, including Google Maps.

Professionals with experience in SEO professionals utilize Google Professional Profiles to implement a geographical-based approach.

The creation of a Google Business Profile is the first step toward local Google’s success.

For a good reason.

GBP provides the most impact for businesses looking for the most local visibility.

A feature similar to Google’s Local Search emphasizes the need for GBPs for established and newly established companies.

Google Business Profiles The Basics

It provides a list of businesses in the area. It offers a wealth of details needed to locate an exact company, such as:

  • Address for business.
  • Hours of operation.
  • Category.
  • Reviews.

Screenshot from a search query for”pizza near me, Google, September 2020

Google’s knowledge graph also uses authentic Google Business Profile information.

It provides information to its database of organizations and other related organizations that can be relevant for specific searches.

When a new profile is established, the Google Maps location is created.

This synchronizes with conventional Google Search for ease of access and searchability.

It helps that Google is the source of the great majority of organic searches, accounting for roughly 90% of the global search engine market share.

It also demonstrates the importance of a GBP as well as the effectiveness of local SEO.

This tutorial will assist you in ensuring that your Google Business Profile is complete and optimized in every way.

This will also provide the most significant leverage to your business’s presence through Google and other third-party platforms that use this API. Google Maps API to provide locations for customers.

Suppose you are considering digital marketing as an entirely new venture for your business. In that case, there are some fundamentals to be aware of.

It’s essential to be aware of Google Business Profiles and their benefits.

The first thing to remember is that Google Business Profile is free to use. The GBP isn’t a suitable substitute for your company’s website.

Google Business Profiles complement the brand’s existing website(s) by giving it an identity and the Profile of Google. The information about a company by way of Google Business Profiles is available within Google Search and Google Maps.

Any third-party application that uses this Google Maps API will also display Google Business Profiles, regardless of the device type being utilized to perform the browse.

If you’ve already used specific Google tools to help you run your company (Google+, for instance) or if your business has been in operation for some time, there’s a good chance that your business is already a business on Google Business Profiles.

Google My Business, Google Places for Business, Google Pages Dashboard, and Google+ Pages Dashboard are the most effective methods to manage your company’s data.

They have been automatically upgraded on Google’s Universal Platform, Google Business Profiles.

Start With Google Business Profile

The first step in making sure you have a Google Business Profile up and running is to perform a Google search to ensure that your company doesn’t have one.

Google’s search engine is in-platform to find your business’s GBP price.

The screenshot is taken from Google Business Profile Manager.

Google My Business Profile sample

You may already have a GBP account that needs to be declared if your firm has been around for a long time (a few decades or more).

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After you have successfully claimed the GBP After claiming the GBP, you can manage the data as if you initiated the GBP yourself.

If there’s already a profile for your company, It will let you know.

It could also inform you that another party has taken over your business.

If this occurs, follow these steps.

If your Profile for business has not been created yet, you can make it very quickly.

Verification may take a little longer. However, it’s usually done within about a week.

Begin with your business’s official name before entering more vital details. After that, enter your primary business area.

Google My Business Profile  verification

Screenshot is taken from Google Business Profile Manager.

It is possible to make changes and add to this later on; however, this is a crucial aspect of completing (and improving) your website’s brand page.

You should ensure that you choose the appropriate industry for your business.

There are plenty of options to pick from, but there must be at least one that describes your company’s needs most precisely.

You’ll then be asked to “add the location that customers are able to visit, for example, a shop or an office?”

This is essential information as most businesses are service-oriented and don’t require or permit customers to visit the brick-and-mortar location.

In these cases, the exact address of the business won’t show up in Google Maps.

The company will show up in relevant searches related to the area of service it serves.

Google Business Profile Manager

For businesses that are located in a particular service area but don’t want the physical brick-and-mortar business to be listed on Maps, choose that service area(s) which are relevant to the company.

Google My Business Profile contact details

Screenshot is taken from Google Business Profile Manager, September 2020

It is then possible to include contact details for the company, such as the contact phone number as well as the current URL for the website.

If you have a brick-and-mortar address that customers can visit during office hours, it is recommended to include the address of your business in the next step.

The screenshot is taken from Google Business Profile Manager, September 2020

After the address has been in place, Google Business Profile will inquire if you “also serve customers from outside of the area?”

It allows you to decide how far your business will be willing to travel to deliver products or services.

If so, you’ll be able to walk through the exact service-area details.

You can alter or add information about your service area at any time.

Suppose you aren’t able to serve customers outside of brick-and-mortar stores. In that case, you can select No. then enter contact information on the next screen.

Then, you’ll be able to click Next to verify the authenticity of the Profile.

Validating The authenticity of Google Business Profile

It would help to verify that you had confirmed your Google Business Profile.

This can be done through postal mail, which can take five and 5 business days.

It shows Google you can manage and reflect the business that you claim to represent.

Verifying your company is essential for the performance and visibility of your Profile.

It is essential to know that Google will not show your company’s name or modifications until it is confirmed.

Google My Business Profile postal code

If you don’t verify your identity, you can’t gain access to page insights/analytical data or business reviews on the backend.

Verification generally is less than one week.

Google will provide you with a verification postcard which you can utilize to verify your account, and your company will then be operational.

Once you’ve confirmed the verification process, you have verified the verification method; you can add further information about your company, such as business hours, options for business messaging, an overview of your business and even photos.

Making Google Business Profiles

After completing the process, you’ll be taken into Google Business Profile Manager, where you can manage your Profile for your business and update your information.

Here are some simple yet crucial suggestions for optimizing your Profile:

Fill in the information for your Profile

Local search results tend to be those with the best relevance to search.

Companies that provide the most complete and precise details will be easier to reach in search.

Don’t leave anything unguessed or believed.

Be sure that your Profile explains what your company does, where it’s located, and how they can access the products and services that your company provides.

Include Keywords

Like traditional SEO, Google uses an array of signals to provide results from its search engine.

Incorporating critical keywords and search terms into your Profile for business is highly beneficial, especially when your business website is directly listed within your GBP.

Make use of these in your business description and every time you make a Local Post to your audience.

Make sure that the hours of operation are accurate for business.

It’s essential to list your hours of operation. However, it’s equally crucial to update them when they alter.

Google My Business Profile sample hours of operation

Google allows you to alter hours to accommodate holidays and other events.

Always keep your site up-to-date to ensure your site is accurate and your users satisfied.

In the era of COVID-19, GBP can offer additional flexibility regarding the hours and frequency of messages to prospective customers.

Be aware that additional hours won’t appear for your company until regular hours are determined.

Upload Photos

Photos improve business profiles’ performance more than many entrepreneurs and owners of businesses would.

Businesses with photos on their profiles can get 42 per cent more requests to get directions to their location on Google Maps and 35 per cent more clicks on their sites than those without pictures, as per Google.

Continue reading for more GBP tips for the photos below.

Manage and Respond to Customer Reviews

Reacting to customer reviews by communicating with them and responding to their evaluations demonstrates how much your business values its consumers and their feedback.

Positive reviews will positively impact prospective customers who are researching your company.

Google My Business Profile reviews

They also improve your business’s visibility through search results.

Encourage customers to write reviews by providing an online link that they can click to write reviews about your business.

Let Customers Text You

It’s not always easy at times. However, the messages sent to customers and those from them can only be received via Google Business Profile. Google Business Profile app.

To activate it you must tap Customers Next, tap Messages, and finally switch on the app.

Once activated, customers can now contact companies through their Business Profiles using the Message button.

Google My Business Profile sample

The messages can be customized with automated responses that welcome customers to notices coming in.

This increases the efficiency and transparency of the business as responses won’t suffer as severely.

To ensure maximum performance and visibility across GBP, it’s crucial to keep the time for a response within 24 hours.

Speed is indeed essential.

Customers don’t want to wait for replies, and quick responses are frequently the difference between a customer and a non-customer.

Utilize Local Posts

You can post promotions, events, goods and services directly to Google Search and Maps through postings in Google Business Profiles.

Posts can help you interact with your readers and help keep your brand current on Google.

They can also be sent mobile via a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Businesses can also influence Knowledge Panel breakouts with direct feedback regarding their company and the people who are their representatives.

A few Google-provided suggestions for getting the most from Local Posts are: Ensure the content is high-quality and free of spelling mistakes, damaged characters, gibberish, or other irrelevant details.

Also, they must be polite and not offensive.

The most popular blogs include images and links, but links should always point to reputable websites.

Links that could lead to viruses, malware, pornographic, or phishing sites aren’t allowed.

Businesses that operate on products and services that are regulated are permitted to post content; however they can’t publish content that is related to the product itself.

The most common industries are:

  • Adult services.
  • Tobacco and alcohol.
  • Drugs for recreational and pharmaceutical use.
  • Medical devices and health equipment.
  • Gambling-related services.
  • Fireworks.
  • Weapons.
  • Financial services.

The content of these posts could and may be displayed in Google, which is why they must be kept under PG.

Stay Connected during COVID-19

This year has presented us with a lot of unexpected events. One of the most memorable was COVID-19 and the chaos it caused (and is still leaving) in its trail.

Suppose stores are operating differently than usual due to COVID-19 restrictions, mandates or safety regulations. In that case, Businesses can modify their GBP profiles to provide the most current details to their customers.

Recent updates make communication with potential and current customers much easier during the pandemic.

Alongside customizing hours of operation or Local Posts, businesses can:

  • Mark store temporarily shut.
  • Choose delivery alternatives.
  • Incorporate safety and healthy characteristics.

Utilize The Special Attributes

The latest features in GBP permit businesses owned by Blacks or women-led companies to be featured on their profiles.

They also permit additional features such as outdoor seating and other features.

If the company is connected to healthcare, other attributes could be offered, including:

  • Inform your customers if your company provides online support.
  • Offer customers a quick option to schedule and access online help.
  • Edit your gender information.

The attributes you can add to your list depending on the primary category. Find out more about features here..

Make Use of The Catalogue

For businesses with products they want to display, GBP’s Product Editor lets them showcase their products.

Most businesses can display their products as long as they are small, medium-sized enterprises; and some business verticals.

Larger companies need to utilize Local Inventory Ads to showcase their goods.

Giving information about the products, such as pricing, information and images, allows customers to have an idea of what they can expect and interact with companies.

These details about the product also allow Google to understand more about the needs of a company.

Photos & Videos For Your Google Business Profiles

The most significant piece of visual representation for the GBP is the logo.

It is unlikely to be a picture that receives better exposure or a more incredible amount than a significant impact.

Google recommends that businesses use their logo to let customers recognize their business by using a square image.

The following digital assets must be included in your GBP:

Cover Photo

Your cover image should reflect the personality of your page.

On the top of the company’s business profile, the cover photo is the most prominent image. It is usually cropped to fit into a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Interior Photos

This will help customers understand the retail experience of the business.

It allows business owners to take on the appearance and feel of their business inside, making an impression!

Customers can also see a picture of the location, its design, and any possible restrictions it might have.


One of the most popular sorts of internet content is video.

They are adept at telling stories or explaining something that would otherwise be difficult to explain.

Additional Photos

Other types of pictures highlight the specific aspects of your business that potential customers will consider when making purchase choices.

The photos may differ from the rich media and will depend on the type of business you operate.

The photos could also include general images that describe the business and the services it can offer its clients.

They could include:

  • Services and goods are the business you run.
  • Business personnel who assist customers.
  • The exterior of the building and the parking are available.

All photos must be in line with Google’s guidelines for best practices:

  • Format Type: JPG or NEF
  • Size: Between 10KB and 5 MB
  • Seven hundred twenty pixels height by 720 pixels wide is the minimum resolution.
  • Quality: The photograph must be clear and well-lit, with no modifications or overuse of filters. The photo should be valid to the moment.

Google also provides the possibility to take the case of a Virtual Tour, which will increase the brand’s image.

It can also draw attention to the company with the 360-degree immersive experience.

Monitor the performance of your Google Business Profile for insights

Over the last few decades, Google has made considerable advances in using analytical data to create Google Business Profiles.

At the present, it is named Insights; Google offers businesses another way of understanding the way customers interact with their business profiles, such as:

  • How can customers find your Profile?
  • The way that customers will find you is through Google.
  • Customer actions.
  • Directions and requests.
  • Phone calls.

How do customers find your Profile?

In this section, Insights illustrates how people found you through an “Direct” Search (they looked up your company’s address or name) in contrast to an “Discovery” lookup (they looked up a specific type of product, category, or service you offer and then your Profile was shown).

The following sections are covered by labels for the bulk reports on insights:

  • Total searches.
  • Direct search results.
  • Discovery is a search engine.

How Customers Find You on Google

This section shows how many of your customers came across you through Google Search or Google Maps.

Along with Listing on Search and Listing on Maps, you’ll see the number of views your Profile has had from each item over the period you’ve selected.

Based on Google, “views” are the same as “impressions” across other analytical platforms.

To determine how many people came across your product on a particular day, hover your mouse over the relevant portion of the graph for the day you’re interested.

Names cover the following sections in bulk insight reports:

  • Views total.
  • Search views.
  • Maps views.

Customer Behaviors

This section will show what users did after they discovered your company’s profile on Google.

Total actions provide the sum of the following kinds of activities customers have taken to your account:

  • Visit your site.
  • Request directions.
  • Contact us.
  • View photos.

These labels are included in reports in this section of reporting:

  • The totality of actions.
  • Web site actions.
  • Actions for directions.
  • Steps for phone calls.
  • Directions and requests.

This portion of Insights utilizes a map to display the location of people who need directions to your company.

The location of your business is shown on the map. A few of the most popular places where people seek directions to your establishment from are listed.

It also breaks down the total amount of directions requested by neighborhood or city.

Telephone Calls

This section outlines how often and when customers have contacted your business through your Google profile.

In the uppermost section, Total Calls gives all the calls during the specified time period.

The graph gives you the option to see trends through calls made by the day of the week or at any time of the day.

This lets business and marketing operators know when their customers will likely phone when they see your GBP.


In addition, GBP lets users to check the frequency with which your company’s images are being seen by using graphs of photo views and quantity. Photo views graph as well as the Photo quantities graph.

There are lines in the graphs which examine your company’s photo information with data from other similar businesses to yours.

This report component contains general insights on:

  • Photos of the owner in total.
  • Views of the Owner’s Photo.
  • Photos of the entire customer.
  • Views of photos taken by customers.

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