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Elevate Your Business Expansion: Unleash the Power of Cutting-edge SEO and AI Strategies to increase high-quality leads by 290%!

Without Paying High Fees, Without Waiting 6-12 months, and without worrying about Sales and SEO.

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Why Work With Me

1. 100% Customer Satisfaction

At Digital Marketing Agency, we go beyond showcasing fancy websites or page 1 rankings as mere case studies. We believe in demonstrating true progress – measurable growth in traffic, leads, and sales.

Our clients experience an increase of 290% in lead generation and make an additional [Insert Figure Numbers] in monthly revenue from SEO alone.What sets us apart in Singapore’s competitive landscape? Our unique case studies tell a story of success that our clients proudly vouch for

2. We outshine you from your competitors

Have you ever wondered why our name is consistently on the top pages when you search for “digital marketing agency” or “lead generation agency”? It’s not by chance but by design. We employ cutting-edge SEO techniques to ensure our presence on the top pages.

Regardless of your industry’s competitiveness or your competitors’ SEO investments, our strategies are tailored to outshine them swiftly, growing your business rapidly.

3. Advanced SEO Techniques

We set ourselves apart from other agencies by staying ahead of the curve in SEO trends. Our commitment is simple: to provide cutting-edge services that turbocharge your business growth and ensure a user-friendly website. We understand that a seamless user experience is crucial for your business success, and our optimization strategies are tailored to amplify that growth

Here’s What Makes Us Different From Others

Traditional Website Design

  • 6-12 Months Delivery
  • No SEO
  • Expensive
  • Branding Focused
  • No Copywriting

DMA’s Website Design

  • 30 Days Delivery
  • NeuroSEO (AI + SEO)
  • Affordable
  • Conversion Focused
  • SEO Copywriting

Our Websites Rank #1 on Google for competitive keywords

Our Clients Inboxes Look Like This


And Their Revenues Look Like This


Ken Lee

CEO, Mr Shopper Studio

3x increase in website leads in just 90 days!

Paul Tan

CEO, 3Beauties

Competitive keywords on page 1 in 90 days!

Liz Tan

Pine Garden's Cake

84% increase in payment checkouts!

Singapore’s #1 Renovation Portal

1700% increase in leads in 3 months!

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • Quality of organic traffic was very poor with users staying on the site for less than 3 seconds
  • Not ranked for important keywords related to interior design and renovation
  • Low number of leads coming in organically
  • Brought them to page 1 for important keywords in 3 months
  • Increased organic leads by 1700%!

Michael Lin

(MD, Auston Institute of Management)

$240,000/month from his website alone

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • They're a private university specialising in engineering degrees
  • They compete in an extremely competitive space (SIM, Kaplan, MDIS etc.)
  • Tried SEO before on their own and with other agencies but got no results
  • Theye were only generating 6 leads/month from their website
  • In 4 months, they were generating 36 leads/ month and in 9 months, 72 leads/month
  • Today, they generate over a hundred leads every month, more than a 20x increase from when they first came to us!
  • Michael, the MD of the university reports a trackable revenue of at least $240,000 per month from their website alone!

Dr Shaan Rai

Director, Vitality Chiropractic Centres

From struggling for patients to needing more Chiropractors with just ONE website!

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • Runs a Chiropractic Clinic
  • Tried social media ads and even engaged an SEO agency for 6 months but got no results
  • Wasted a lot of money and time, but more importantly the opportunity to work with patients who desperately need his help
  • Since working with GENIA, his web traffic has increased by more than 10x
  • He no advertises heavily or offer huge discounts like his competitors
  • He needs to hire another Chiropractor to handle the patient inflow!

Dr Ryan Yun

Clinic Director, Vivid Dental Clinic

Significant increase in leads & sales

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • Was heavily reliant on referrals for new patients
  • Was not searchable on Google except for easy to rank keywords like location-based searches
  • In 5 months, increased web traffic from 155 to 598, a 3.85x increase
  • In 11 months, to 1157, a 7.46x increase
  • They saw a significant increase in leads and sales as a result

e-Commerce Website

(Name not Revealed due to NDA)

5.36x increase in online revenue in 5 months!

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • Had little organic traffic from Google and therefore little online sales
  • Within 5 months of working with us, we increased their organic traffic by 4.34x, from 658 to 2853.
  • They went from $2936.45 in organic sales to $15,736.29!

Beth Wu

Founder, HoneySpree

2.5x increase in revenue with their website!

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • Web traffic was low and sales were slow
  • Heavily reliant on Google Ads for traffic
  • In just 5 months, we increased their web traffic by 2.3x and revenue by 2.5x!

STEP 2: Apply For A Free Consultation And Audit “And Receive Up To $1,200 Credits For Digital Marketing Services Today!”

In Your Session, We Will...

  • Show you the process of how to scale your business to 7 figures
  • Show you what your competitors are doing to get customers
  • Show you how to build your website for sales conversion.

Andy Prakash

CEO, Privacy Ninja

Additional $25 - 30k/month from Website alone

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • Cyber security agency focusing on data protection and VAPT
  • They compete in an extremely competitive space against international companies
  • Heavily reliant on Google Ads for sales
  • Got on Google page 1 in less than 3 months for competitive keywords like DPO singapore & VAPT singapore
  • Generate an additional $25 - 30k/month from SEO alone

Darrel ER

CEO, Overmugged

188% increase in website leads in just 90 days

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • Tuition centre focusing on secondary and JC education
  • They compete in an extremely competitive tuition industry against competitors who have been doing SEO for years
  • Got on Google page 1 in less than 3 months for competitive keywords like JC tuition, english tuition, chemistry tuition etc.
  • 50% increase in organic traffic in 3 months
  • 188% increase in leads in 3 months

However, This Is Not For Everyone

  • For people looking at PSG grants
  • Have actual paying customers
  • Doing 6 or 7 figures in annual sales that are ready to scale
  • Willing to invest at least $2k/month on marketing
  • May have failed at SEO with other agencies
  • Are willing to work with experts

And Not :

  • Freelancers
  • Insurance & Property agents
  • Looking for short term leads and sales
  • Business owners struggling financially
  • Business owners looking for the cheap website design (Fiverr is the perfect place for that)
  • Business owners who know it all

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