Six Fundamental SEO Facts

Is SEO not performing as you anticipated or hoped? Here are some SEO facts you might not have known previously.

The performance of the websites that brands and SEO experts manage and run must be their duty.

According to Bruce Clay, the founder and president of the digital marketing optimization company Bruce Clay Inc., who spoke at SMX Advanced, putting these six SEO facts into practice can help you reach next-level website performance.

1. SEO Must Be A Strategic Initiative For The Entire Business

The entire company takes part in SEO. Leadership is where it all begins; everyone must see SEO’s value, commit to it, and give it a top priority.

SEO can’t be done on a whim on Monday, and SEO can’t be done randomly by one person. If you aren’t working on SEO every day, it won’t work.

When the company holds a meeting to discuss altering the website, SEO must be considered. How this affects SEO is a question that someone in that room must ask.

How can we enhance our website’s functionality and general quality so that it drives traffic or satisfies a business KPI? “SEO is a winning operation within your business if the commitment is to do SEO and if you buy into it being long-term,” added Clay.

2. SEO Should Outperform The Market Instead Of The Algorithm

We need to comprehend how ranking algorithms function. But defeating, we aren’t usually the ones that handle the algorithm, and the battle to defeat the algorithm is impossible.

Every year, Google updates its search engine thousands of times. Additionally, every keyword you try to rank for is essentially a new algorithm.

Your task is to outperform the opposition.

We can only do our best to ascertain who ranks and what they do. Exist any traits that typically exist? Can we utilise any popular terms more effectively?

“The tale I frequently recount involves two buddies going camping. Their tents were erected, and they set a fire going. A bear suddenly appears while they are preparing dinner. They sprint down the pathway, and a bear is chasing them. It’s okay for the person in front to be an Olympic runner. Simply put, he must outrun his pal in speed, Clay stated.

Well, SEO is very similar to that. You face opposition, and you must surpass them in quality.

3. Good SEO Considers Content Architecture

Your website needs to be designed such that search engines recognize you as an authority on the topic. It requires sustained effort to publish information that is reliable and authoritative.

Google favours material that is organised clearly into hierarchical levels. In other words, a drill down (for instance, an electronics website might have cameras > digital cameras, or a car website might have Ford > Mustang). It’s known as siloing.

Because all the information regarding that specific phrase was focused in one place rather than being dispersed over the page, Clay said that it performed better in search. “You must be the subject matter expert if you want SEO to work correctly. A website cannot simply have a lot of random items on it and expect it to function.

4. Making A Pig Fly Is Not The Role Of SEO

Sometimes a poorly maintained website cannot be saved by SEO, which is why your SEO strategy needs to include website maintenance.

If your website appears to be 20 years old, hasn’t received an update in years, or isn’t mobile-friendly, you can’t just press an “easy” button and declare that you want to rank tomorrow.

“SEO’s responsibility is to use the pig and collaborate with you to modify it into an eagle genetically. Then, you could have a solution. We receive far too many visitors who use outdated technology. Their website was last updated five years ago, and the material still needs to be updated. And they believe that the search engine will reward them even though other people have been taking care of their websites all along, according to Clay.

There is fierce competition in organic search, and a large crew may be working on the SEO for your rivals. When competing with websites that are armed with machine guns while you only have bows and arrows, it can often feel unfair.

5. Cheap SEO Is A Life-Threatening Situation

Cheap SEO has repercussions, and you risk being harmed by it. Companies should only count on low-cost SEO to be effective.

Do you prefer to pay more for good advice or less for bad advice? How long will it take you to figure out what went wrong once it does? And how much would fixing it later cost you?

Cheap SEO ultimately results in unskilled individuals experimenting on your dime. And they could be off frequently.

Get it done correctly and correctly the first time. You cannot afford to start over, remarked Clay.

6. SEO Is Complete If Google Stops Making Changes & All Of Your Competitors have Disappeared

As a result of how frequently searches change, SEO is a never-ending project. The same goes for what your rivals are doing. (Oh, and explore behaviour as well.)

Google wants to please its users. Therefore, it has put a lot of emphasis on user experience and rewarding truly competent, accurate, and reliable material.

“Those are changes that will affect how you fare in search results,” Clay said. “When you are in an environment like that, the search engine will be changing and experimenting and trying to improve itself.” “SEO is a never-ending process, and search engines have handled it.

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Our certified digital marketing consultants will provide you with a FREE marketing consultation.


Our certified digital marketing consultants will provide you with a FREE marketing consultation.

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