Reach More People With Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads has the power to bring your business closer to your prospects in an incredibly straightforward manner. By having your content visible to your potential customers on Facebook, you’ll have an easier time acquiring leads and growing your business. 

D’Marketing Facebook Ads Packages focuses on quality content and precision targeting to ensure every dollar spent on ads brings in the highest returns. With our talented copywriters, graphics artists, and Meta Business technicians and analysts, your business is in good hands.

Put Your Marketing Efforts on Autopilot and Grow Your Business

For many businesses, digital marketing can be excruciatingly challenging. And having an in-house marketing department might be too much of an investment with uncertain rewards. 

At DMA, we make it easy, affordable, and foolproof. By paying as little as $3 per month, you can focus on your business and have your own marketing team up and ready to automate your lead generation and branding efforts.

Start Building Your Empire



/ month

Six (6) Months Contract

Best for Small Startup Businesses

This plan is all about helping your business get its gear turning. The core strategy for this plan is to build — from websites and landing pages to listing and social profiles. Everything about this plan is to help launch your business to become finally searchable on Google, Bing, and more. See more details below:



/ month

Six (6) Months Contract

Best for Medium-sized Companies

For medium-sized businesses with functioning websites and social profiles, this plan is for you. Here, we will focus on keeping your online assets active and running by creating new lead-generating materials to increase your sales and help you expand your business presence. See more details below:



/ month

Six (6) Months Contract

Best for Corporations and Established Brands

For corporations and brands with websites over 200 pages, we recommend a holistic digital marketing solution. We provide all the support you need to automate your digital marketing needs — from content creation to post scheduling. Our focus here is to help you maximize your profit and find more ways to help you monetize your online assets. See more details below:

Dominate the World of Social With Facebook Ads Packages


Best for Small Startup Businesses


/ month

Six (6) Months Contract

Our first Facebook Ads package is for small businesses that would like to have their social media calendar automated. We strategize and create content for your Facebook monthly calendar and have everything prepared for you. All scheduled posts will already have ad features set up with precision targeting. Apart from that, this Facebook Ads Package will include the setting up of multiple campaigns vital to growing your business. 


Best for Medium-sized Companies


/ month

Six (6) Months Contract

Our second Facebook Ads package will exceed your expectations for companies that require a little more consistency and volume. We will fill out up to two months’ worth of content to ensure zero backlogs and provide two posts per day, totaling 60 posts for your brand every month. Also, we include everything that’s in our first FB Ads package.



Best for Corporations and Established Brands


/ month

for 6 Months Contract

Our ultimate Facebook Ads package entails full 40-hour support per week for your business. This package includes creating up to 90 Facebook ad materials optimized for growth, engagement, and lead acquisition. For businesses that require full support and direct access to experienced talents, this Facebook Ads package is for you.


Features Basic


$2000 /mo

$3000 /mo
Dedicated Facebook Ads Project Manager

We'll assign you a dedicated Facebook Ads project manager who will take care of everything you need. Your assigned manager will be your point of contact between you creatives that will strategize and create the ads for you. With our straightforward approach, you will never have to be in a complicated situation where you need to handle several workers just to get things done.
Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads operate fundamentally with the material you publish, your content. You can have these purely as ad material for your campaign or as posts you can boost later. Regardless, we will supply you with these materials in advance for the entire month to allow room for revisions and optimizations to give you the maximum benefit possible.

30 Facebook Ads Post Per Month

60 Facebook Ads Post Per Month

90+ Facebook Ads Post Per Month

Posting Analysis and Research

All your content will be original and conversion-focused. We ensure that your audience will see you as a reliable resource, boosting your trust score and lead-acquisition rate. We do this by thoroughly researching your business and its audience.
Content Calendar Scheduling

All our Facebook Ads Packages offer direct and ahead-of-time scheduling for all your content and ads. We set everything up to make sure you'll never have to worry about inactive days that may drop your engagement and trend on social. This practice also gives room for inserting more prioritized content and revisions.

30 Days Ahead

60 Days Ahead

90 Days Ahead

Online Reputation Repair

Apart from building content for your brand, we also put in the effort to help your business recover from poor reviews. Whether they're coming from your competitor or old customers, we can help resolve them with solid connections and proven-effective methods.

Within the Platform

In and Out of the Platform

Premium + Positive Reinforcement

Ad Campaign Analysis

Your Facebook Ads only improve over time when you improve the content itself. However, you can only do that by analyzing your previous ad campaigns' performance. We study each ad we run and calibrate your ongoing and future ads to make the most out of each cent you pay.

Once a Week

Twice a Week

Four Times a Week

Influencer Marketing

We have hundreds of well-known influencers in our network who can vouch for a company's products and services, thereby increasing consumer confidence in your company. We can also ask them to run the ads on their page to increase your reach and conversion rate further as people are more likely to trust word-of-mouth recommendations.
Influencer Takeover

We have hundreds of well-known influencers in our network who can vouch for a company's products and services, thereby increasing consumer confidence in your business. We can also ask them to run your Facebook Ads on their page to further increase your reach and conversion rate as people are more likely to trust word-of-mouth recommendations.
Facebook Profile Setup and Branding

To create an effective Facebook Ads campaign for your company, you must first identify your target persona and create digital assets that introduce your brand. We will help establish your Facebook page and populate it with branding elements to help your audience see you as a legitimate business they can trust.

After completing the month's work for you, we'll show you how far you've progressed through a report showing your performance metrics. It's how we build trust to ensure that our working relationship is healthy and will bring out the best result possible. We are always open to suggestions, and we will never put you in the blind, regardless of how well your Facebook Ads have performed.


Grow Your Business in a Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic may have put your business in a difficult position, but it shouldn’t be enough to take it down. Fight back with our proven-effective strategies.


Why Our Facebook Ads Packages Are Worth Your Money

Our Facebook Ads Packages are versatile and will suit all your business needs. Regardless of your size and target, our goal is to help you grow through quality Facebook Ads and automation. 


Every member of D’Marketing Facebook Ads Agency is excited to help you reach your goals. Aside from helping you with your ads through our Facebook Ads Packages, we also help you gain more results by combining other digital marketing services for a more holistic approach.


Part of what we do is to give you a clear overview of how well your business is doing on its Facebook Ads campaign. We provide nothing but transparency to assess and adjust things accordingly without any bias.


D’Markerketing Facebook Ads Agency has been in the marketing world for more than two decades. With our proficiency in Facebook Ads, we are confident that your business will only reach the right audience. Being accurate saves you thousands of dollars as you get a filtered target audience. You won’t have to pay for low-quality impressions.


Within the first three months of running your Facebook Ads, we guarantee that you will see exceptional results. If we don’t meet those goals and promises, you won’t owe us a penny. You pay when we deliver; it’s that simple.

Why Facebook Ads

Get to know your customers and build a relationship that will promote your business for free!


In today’s world, social media platforms wield far more power than you might expect from their casual functions alone. Its ever-evolving marketing tools allow you to connect more effectively with your ideal customers. Facebook Ads service provides targeting utilities that help us narrow down who can see your ads, equating to cheaper cost per click than having a broader audience. 

Builds Trust

We gain more recurring and new customers for your business by establishing trust-based connections. With Facebook Ads, we can increase the number of people interested in your product or service by showcasing your business in a more attractive light through quality content. We highlight your product or service features and benefits.


Today, Facebook Ads service is the most affordable form of advertising that brings high returns. As long as you have a professional Facebook Ads packages provider like D’Marketing Agency by your side, you will never have to spend more than you earn.

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