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At D’Marketing Agency, minimizing measuring difficulties is the key to optimized digital marketing performance. Our mission is to decipher your customer acquisition challenges from the first impression to the last click to grow your business.

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Business Intelligence and Performance Insights for Unstoppable Growth

With DMA, you will have data scientists that are eager to help your business blend performance analytics with marketing data to achieve greater ROI, increase profitability, and compete more effectively in challenging market conditions.

Search activity, digital campaign performance, and website analytics are part of our strategy to uncover insights that convey a narrative. We have developed a unique system to optimize all your KPIs, increasing your business strategy and sales targets.

D'Marketing Agency Analytics Services

With DMA’s 20-year digital marketing experience in data analytics, your business is in safe hands. We can quickly and accurately analyze your current conditions and build solid data foundations so that you can maximize your company performance and take advantage of data possibilities and opportunities.

Data Presentation

With a powerful data visualization tool, you can see trends, follow objectives, detect outliers, and compare the performance of different categories, brands, and products.

Data Management

Using our data management solution, we ensure that your data is accurate and readily available for everyone in your business. We do everything from gathering to filtering.

Data Warehousing

Our team uses several ETL/ELT approaches to convert data from various sources into relevant information and store it in a data warehouse where you can quickly access it.

Data Governing

Data planning, monitoring, and cataloging may help you stay compliant and in control of your data at every step of your business. We categorize your data logically and make sure you can get what you need without filtering.

Data Consultation

One of our objectives is to make sure your IT and operations teams work together harmoniously to take advantage of every data opportunity you have. We train your staff and take care of the rest, from evaluation to modeling and execution.

Data Quality Management

With our help, you will increase efficiency, productivity, and competitive advantage by ensuring data quality. Ultimately, our services will help you make better choices by enhancing your data quality, integration, and augmentation.

Data Migration

We employ advanced procedures that prioritize data security when choosing, preparing for extraction, and converting data. Rest assured that when we migrate your data, nothing is lost, and everything will present itself as it is.

Data Analysis

We have over 12 licensed data analysts on board that can help you figure out what to do with the figures you have for your business. With our help, you don’t have to second-guess some of your decisions.

What You Get Out of Our Analytics Services

DMA is here to ensure that you get the most out of your data. Whether it’s a mere list of customers or a meticulous collection of KPIs, we’re here to refine and execute.

Smarter Decisions

Using real-time data, we create customized operational dashboards that you may use to make better choices.

Enhanced Performance

To help you become better at decision-making and increase productivity, provide a comprehensive data perspective with interactive and understandable reports.

Operational Efficiency

Make it easier for users to obtain data and operational reports by reducing the complexity of metadata management.

More Satisfied Customers

The use of modern data analysis tools and technologies like AI and ML can help you provide individualized customer support.

Competitive Advantage

Using our data analytics and machine learning intelligent solutions, we can provide you with priceless insights about your industry.

Better Monetization

Data-driven business innovation is the key to generating new revenue and profit streams. We help you catch overlooked opportunities.

Trust Our Process

We have dedicated teams of analysts who dive deep into your data to uncover ideas that your business can put into action. Our data engineers can identify new patterns, insights, and possibilities that your team may utilize to reshape your campaigns. Grow your business with us.

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