9 Major Dangers of A Cheap SEO

It costs money to optimise a website for search engines. Consider it as an investment in which you are expecting a return.

SEO is a discipline and procedure that takes time, and it necessitates creating and executing a solid plan for technical, on-page, and off-page optimization.

Not all websites are created equally. The ease or difficulty of achieving SEO goals depends on several elements, including goals, conversions, starting points, possibilities, and organisational structures.

I have worked on SEO with hundreds of companies, groups, and websites during my career. I can categorically state that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the ideal SEO strategy or partner for every business.

The investment quantity itself is a critical factor in SEO return on investment. You have soft costs if it is paid for by a member of your team or an employee in a position you oversee. You are well aware of the burdensome expenses you spend on a consultant, agency, or SEO company that is external to you.

Choosing “cheap” options is risky. Cheap is a relative term, but as I explain the nine pitfalls of cheap SEO, it will become clear what it means.

1. Lack of a plan and approach

An SEO plan is essential given the short-term strategies and long-term ROI objectives. Yes, it will probably alter due to the demand for more material, optimisation iteration, and search engine algorithm adjustments.

You risk not devoting enough time to research, formulating a strategy, and planning out the tactics if you cut cuts, prices, or time.

2. Inconsistent goal-setting

The idea of SEO reporting tracking clicks, ranked keywords, and positions have long frustrated me, and for me, this includes even some conversion reporting levels.

Early in my career, I learned about the misalignment of SEO goals against business goals a long time ago. I still clearly recall entering that customer meeting with assurance and believing that the client would be delighted because all of my SEO analytics looked excellent. Because they saw no new business due to the SEO efforts, that client entered thinking the contrary.

Cheap SEO runs the danger of displaying flimsy statistics and concentrating on issues that aren’t relevant to your company or that make a difference.

3. Transparency issues

If you’re paying $99 per month for SEO, there must be a reason the company can charge so little. Alternatively, if you spend your money on similarly inexpensive software that guarantees results, you risk not understanding what you’re purchasing.

The fact that there are still organisations out there taking advantage of tiny (and even huge) enterprises is one of the things I detest the most about this industry (my industry).

Lack of openness is a red flag that indicates you could be harmed by low-quality SEO. That includes:

  • Who’s handling your account?
  • The tactic.
  • A gauge of what.
  • The reporting method.
  • Or something associated with the attempt.

4. Risky Tactics

I’m not here to engage in arguments, discuss murky territory, or use unsafe methods. Those discussions and disagreements may be found elsewhere, and I’m pleased to participate in them.

You should be aware that to keep costs low, affordable SEO frequently uses shortcuts. That might incorporate:

  • Purchasing links from outside services.
  • Generating a lot of poor-quality articles.
  • Utilises a variety of additional strategies that could be both high risk and big profit.

Again, it is up to you to decide whether or not you are comfortable with those strategies, but be aware that there is a risk.

This is especially true if you encounter the absence of a strategy, a lack of openness, or any of the other issues I’ve mentioned thus far.

5. Poor Reporting

Integrating important business KPIs with SEO reporting also means considering all the previous factors. That includes the story, insights on what motivated the effort, SEO visibility, and engagement analytics.

  • How are we doing in achieving our objectives?
  • How far along is the plan?
  • Is the plan evolving or altering in any way?
  • Why are the metrics important?
  • How do they improve SEO return on investment?

Cheap SEO frequently results in little, insufficient, or unreliable reporting. It may result in data being presented that are illogical or don’t dig deep enough to support the attempt.

6. Insufficient Communication

Early in my career, I accomplished much more SEO in a silo than is possible today. I consider the silo’s demise and progress to be positive developments.

Whoever is responsible for developing the strategy, carrying out the tactics, and reporting on the plan should communicate often. Align approvers/stakeholders, strategists, UX, dev, IT, content creators, and other groups is necessary for SEO.

Cheap SEO frequently results in claims to handle everything, only for the affordable SEO service to vanish. Additionally, they could over-promise or over-commit without having sufficient communication to work effectively together and coordinate all available resources for success.

7. Little Activity

I’ll repeat it: I wouldn’t say I like seeing people abused. Sure, cheap SEO is affordable, implying you won’t lose as much money if it doesn’t succeed as you would if you had put in an expensive endeavour that failed.

The deadline for ROI and findings is now being delayed due to time wasted. The speed and velocity at which your business can grow through SEO may be hampered if the low-cost SEO company is slow or only completes tasks within its monthly or predetermined scope.

Even if it doesn’t cost much, cheap SEO risks wasting months of your time and capacity to expand.

8. Generic Methods

Even if you are experiencing some success with a low-cost SEO service, results may differ from person to person. You probably have a visitor who is occupied with a shallow strategy and checking items off a list.

There is much more to SEO than a list. Your limit will be lower if you deal with someone who may require a more significant expenditure but offers a more personalised, individualised strategy and solution than if you receive cookie-cutter methods.

Cheap SEO frequently relies on easy-to-implement software, audits, or checklists and doesn’t go deep enough to compete for more difficult marketplaces and keywords.

9. Negative ROI

Negative ROI is the most significant and dangerous aspect of cheap SEO. Again, if the endeavour is unsuccessful, you might not be significantly out of pocket.

However, if the low-cost SEO approach backfires and causes damage, you can incur additional fees that worsen your situation.

Significant dangers of affordable SEO that fall into the harmful ROI category include having to rectify dangerous techniques that might have gotten you penalised or pushed into a negative SEO zone and trying to recover wasted time and money.


I’m not advocating for pricey SEO. That’s a subject for a different essay, along with how to ensure you completely grasp what you’re getting without overspending and putting yourself in a position where your SEO ROI is negatively impacted.

However, being aware of the dangers of cheap SEO will help you completely grasp what you may be getting into and can help you know what questions to ask, warning flags to look out for, and scenarios to avoid. In business, as in other spheres of life, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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