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The Power of Your Blog

Your blog is a crucial part of your website that acts as a library for your leads and customers, providing valuable information, guides, and updates. The better and more active your blog, the likelier it is for search engines (like Google and Bing) to rank your website and its content. That means more traffic, more leads, and more sales.

D'Marketing Agency's Blog Writing Promise


No. 1 Blog Writing Services

Our blog writing services are second to none. With in-house writers and editors passionate about delivering quality work, rest assured that your blog will only have high-value articles that your visitors will find helpful.

When you opt for our blog writing services in Singapore, you won’t have to worry about topic selection, research, and even website publishing. We do everything for you, including strategy development and even graphic design. It’s all packaged to save you time and money. 

DMA’s blog writing services offer a holistic approach, a complete solution to businesses that want to automate their digital marketing efforts. With our help, you’ll enjoy an active blog that doesn’t require much of your time and management. 

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When you Google "blog writing agency" and "blog writing services," we're at the top. That's because of our expertise in creating good content. If we can do it for ourselves, we can do it for you too.

Our professional blog writers in Singapore can help you reach the top, regardless of your industry or niche. Consistency and quality. 


Why Blog Articles Are Essential to Your Website's Success

Having a library that can answer all your customers’ and prospects’ questions is desirable for many reasons:

Saves Time

Rather than answering all inquiries in detail, you can send them to an article you’ve published. It’s also an effective strategy that encourages your leads to explore more about your business or brand.

Builds Authority

Being the go-to place for answers in your industry brings in traffic, a signal that Google uses to rank your website higher. You’ll have better conversion rates and trust scores if you’re on Google’s first page.

Increased Credibility

When you can help your audience way before they pay you a dime, you become credible and respected. People find it easier to buy products and services from businesses they trust and provide value.

Higher Rankings

Blog writing services in Singapore are sought after because they help websites rank. High-quality articles on your blog rank for keywords apart from what your website is trying to rank for, gaining extra traffic and leads.

Warms Up Cold Leads

Content from your blog can slowly but surely make your cold leads more comfortable with your business, warming them up through quality content. This process makes it easier for you to convert them into customers, especially when your articles end with CTAs (Call-to-Actions) or insights that make them realize your product or service’s value.

Answers Complicated Questions

You can have an FAQ for simple questions, but for more complicated ones, that’s a job for your blog articles. It’s the best place to provide detailed answers and even pictures or videos of how to solve your customers’ concerns.

Builds a Stronger Connection

Your blog isn’t just a place for technical articles. It can be a place to share and post events, exciting updates, and even news. By publishing these types of content, you’re giving your audience a chance to see that you’re just as human as them, building a stronger connection.

Reason to Share Your Site

People rarely share service pages or home pages. But they do love sharing blog posts on social media when they find them useful. More blog posts mean higher chances of getting shared and going viral, which means getting more traffic and improving brand awareness.

Social/Newsletter Content

You can quickly turn your blog articles into newsletters or social media content. You can curate them and turn them into bite-sized materials that your audience can quickly read on social or any aggregator website.

Video Ready

Another thing that you can do with blog articles is to turn them into a video script. Yes. Well-written blog articles that read well can be quickly used as a script for informative videos. 

Healthy Business

A business with an active blog shows that everything is running smoothly. It also tells your audience and loyal customers that you care about them, and that’s why you want to put fresh and up-to-date content for them to read.


Every time you publish an article, you communicate. Your audience will use this as an opportunity to reach out to you. If you publish an article that’s about a new service or a product update, you may get mixed reactions. Use this to gauge whether pursuing that new service offering or product update is wise decision. 

What Are the Benefits of Having Blog Articles on your Website?

One of the best ways to build brand awareness is through consistent blogging. Well written blog articles also provide useful information for your readers. Here are some benefits that you will get when you blog regularly:
  1. Increase Credibility of Your Business. When you produce useful content that your readers like, you build the trust between the readers and your business. They trust your company more as you establish thought leadership with consistent blogging.
  2. Boost Your SEO Performance. Search engines love fresh and relevant content and blogging is one of the best methods to deliver this. Well written blog articles will also be shared more often, in return earning your website tons of natural backlinks.
  3. Increase Your Website Traffic. Relevant and useful content gets shared more often and you will get more referral traffic from other websites.
  4. It Helps Convert Traffic Into LeadsWith more traffic coming in, insert Call-to-Actions (CTA) to every blog article on your website to convert traffic into leads. Consider offer free e-books or free trials in your blog content and get your readers to download them by providing you with their information.
  5. Answer The Most Frequently Asked Questions From Your Readers. Turn each frequently asked question into a blog article with more in-depth information or explanation. This helps to answer more complex questions where you cannot answer in the FAQ section on your website.
  6. Engage Your Existing Readers and Get Them to Return to Your Website. This strengthens the relationship with your existing readers and builds long term benefits for your business.
  7. More Sharing on Social Media Channels. Blogging gives you more materials to share on social media and if your content is really good, your followers will share and promote your content.
  8. Repurpose Your Blog Article Into Newsletter Content. Blogging also gives you more materials to share with your newsletter subscribers. If you do not have a newsletter on your website, take this opportunity to start now.
  9. Signal That Your Business is Active and Alive. Regular blogging shows that your business is alive, especially when you blog on a daily basis.
  10. Test Ideas Using Blogging. Blog articles allow you to test out new ideas before it turns into a full-blown marketing campaign or business.
  11. Increase Revenue and Profits. Blogging allows you to speak directly to your prospective customers and educate them about your products or services at a more personal level. Educating is more powerful than hard selling.

Blog Writing Services Singapore: Types of Blog Content

You can use your blog in so many ways. Here are content pieces we recommend that our blog writing services in Singapore can produce: 

1. How-to Articles
2. Listicles
3. Explainers
4. Industry News
5. Surveys

6. Data and Statistics
7. Research
8. Infographics
9. White Paper
10. Business Update

11. Comparison Articles
12. Inspiring Employee
13. Inspiring Customer
14. Event Announcement
15. Insider

16. Guides
17. Photo Dump Blog Post
18. Glossary
19. Why Articles
20. Year-End Report

21. Quarter Update
22. Customer Interviews
23. Expert Opinion
24. Tips and Tricks
25. Video Embed

D'Marketing Agency's Blog Writing Process

Here’s why your blog articles will rank higher than your competitors when you choose us as your blog writing agency.

Business Analysis

Before we write the first word, we ensure that we understand your business and its audience. We take time researching and analyzing everything (including your competitors) to angle our messaging right. 


Keyword Research

Once we understand how your business works, we then look for keywords that are not just rich in traffic but have the potential to convert leads into customers. We look for keywords that, when used in your article, provide value to your audience and authority to your website.

Blog Writing

After having the keywords ready, we start the writing process. Our professional writers create an outline to ensure good flow and then have that approved. Once approved, our talented wordsmiths fill out the gaps and stitch words that resonate with your audience. 

Quality Check

Before we send the article for you to check, our editors and SEO experts will proofread the article and strategically include the keywords. We only send QA-approved articles to you.


Hiring a freelance logo designer in Singapore is an affordable way to get a logo for your brand or company. However, they might not be the best fit for the job since they have fewer resources and manpower for the task. Meanwhile, a professional logo design company like Digital Marketing Agency has a creative team that can churn out fresh ideas for your logo.

You may have several questions regarding Digital Marketing Agency’s operations and value proposition. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our services and platform:

Yes. We value inputs and ideas from our customers. If you have images, concepts, elements, or suggestions that you want to be in your logo, don’t hesitate to tell us. Our team is more than happy to listen to your requirements and will do our best to comply with the agreed parameters of the logo.  

Yes, you can have your logo in every color variation. However, we put an additional cost for this extra service. You can also get the logo in a black and white color scheme or full color. If you want to save a bit of money, we suggest sticking to the original brand colors that were agreed upon by both our parties.

The cost of a logo design usually depends on multiple factors, such as the complexity of the design and the number of elements in it. You can review our different tiers of logo design packages and see what best fits your needs and budget. We also offer a free quote based on our client’s design specifications and requirements. 

Aside from the logo design, other deliverables include all relevant source files. They are also available in various formats such as Adobe Illustrator, PDF, JPG, and PNG. The images are also available in high and low resolution so that you can use them on various online platforms and for printing purposes. 

We can send you the logo’s Photoshop (PSD) file upon request. However, note that the logo image has been made in Adobe Illustrator. Hence, some layers might not be editable because of compatibility issues between the two editing programs. 

Please provide the Adobe Illustrator file for any printing purposes. The AI file is the logo’s source file, and using it allows printing the image at any size without using the quality of its resolution. To be sure, you can ask the printing company which files they prefer. 


It takes about four to seven working days to get your logo design. The release of the logo depends on several factors, such as the complexity of the design and the number of elements in it. You can expect to get the initial concepts of the logo in three working days or less.

Redrawing a logo usually takes one working day. However, this can take more time for more complex projects with multiple design parameters and requirements. We constantly give updates about the status of the logo.

Yes. However, adding concepts that weren’t mentioned in the package you availed of will incur additional charges. Please notify us if you want to have additional concepts so we can give you a fair quote.

It’s pretty rare for our clients not to like the design of their logo since we go the extra mile to fulfill all of their requirements. If you don’t like the initial logo concepts, we can add another free concept based on your feedback and suggestions. 


It depends on the package you purchased. The basic package requires a 100% upfront payment deposit. Meanwhile, the other more expensive packages require 50% upfront and 50% payment before we send the final deliverables.  

All fully-paid logos that we designed belongs to the client. You own the copyright, provided that the total amount of the project has been paid. 

Most definitely. It’s part of our logo design Singapore contract that every logo we make for our clients belongs to them.

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