8 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing and Why

8 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing and Why


In today’s complicated ecosystem, digital marketing encompasses various strategies on the Internet and utilises modern day technology like desktop computers, smartphones, social media and other forms of digital media platforms to promote a brand’s products and services.

Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time. With traditional marketing, that means securing prime time television advertising spots to increase the number of eyeballs and placing your advertisement on billboards at high traffic locations.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, is about reaching your audiences on where they are spending their time: on the Internet. According to Statista, Singapore has the second highest rate of internet penetration within the Southeast Asian region, with 88.4 percent of the population using the Internet.

Digital marketing has become the gold standard of advertising, whether you come from a big MNC or SME. With the change in the marketing landscape and how you operate your business, business owners are getting busier and the need to digitalise is ever so urgent. However, many people lack the time, knowledge and resources to gain success with digital marketing.

This is where digital marketing agencies come in. By engaging an agency to manage your digital marketing strategies, you can focus on the things that matter, while you can leave your digital marketing work to the experts in the field. Here are eight benefits you will enjoy by outsourcing your digital marketing:

1. Work With Expert Marketers

A digital marketing agency can help you in strategic, creative and technical areas no matter what industry you come from. When you engage a digital marketing agency, it allows you to harness their years of experience working across different fields. Their expertise let you quickly set out to accomplish your marketing goals through a skilled and synchronised team that knows exactly what they are doing. With expert marketers, you can benefit from their resourcefulness as the team typically consist of people such as:

Business Consultant: Someone who business representatives convey their goals and expectations to, a mediator between the agency and services the client.

Content Writer: Someone who crafts engaging content for upload on blogs, writes web page copy and product information to connect with your target audience

Data Analyst: Monitors and reports the effectiveness of the marketing campaign to the client and the team for further action.

Designer: Design and produce content for dissemination on digital marketing platforms.

Digital Marketing Manager: Someone who leads and oversees marketing campaigns to ensure smooth execution to meet the needs of the client. This person may sometimes act as a mediator between the agency and the client and communicate the brief to the team.

SEO Specialist: Someone who handles SEO functions in order to help brand achieve visibility and drive organic leads.

Social Media Manager: Someone who executes your social media marketing plans, increases brand reach and drives engagement with consumers.

Web Developer: Develops your website and ensures that the user interface and experience is smooth, responsive and easy to navigate.

When you hire a digital marketing agency, an entire team of professionals are ready and equipped with the practical experience to manage all of your unique marketing requirements.

2. Identify And Reach The Right Audience Easily

Effective marketing is about targeting the right audience and ensuring your message reaches those who matter to your brand the most. By outsourcing your digital marketing needs, you can connect with your audience and convert them into customers more easily. When done right, your target audience can help you boost sales and gain greater online presence in a saturated ecosystem.

A digital marketing agency has the knowledge and resources to craft buyer personas, create compelling content and implement strategies that they know would get the attention of your target audience. From research, to design and implementation, an effective digital marketing agency will align your goals and deliver your message to the right people, on the right platform and at the right time.

3.  Increased Security

With an in-house marketing team, you might encounter more risk and inefficiency over time. What if your in-house team lacks quality talent? What happens if your team is unable to deliver the standard of work that you are expecting? Or what happens if your team gets overwhelmed?  You surely do not want that to happen or cause yourself to miss out on a golden opportunity to reach more people when that happens.

In a digital marketing agency, the team consists of full-time, dedicated experts in the marketing industry that can assist in areas such as search, social media and even web development. You name it and they can deliver. Digital marketers who know what they do best can help you get more customers and secure more business. And because those who work in an agency have a passion for what they do and an agency consists of multifunctional teams, you will never encounter a team that gets overwhelmed and can’t work anymore. Which is why you can sit back, trust a digital marketing agency and have your campaigns run smoothly by themselves.

4. Cost Reduction

Outsourcing to a digital marketing agency also saves you the cost of hiring and training employees in an in-house marketing team. A full-fledged in-house marketing team will require at the very least a project manager, content developer, SEO specialist, social media manager and a developer. A small team like this may cost at least S$150,000 in a year’s salary and this does not even factor in the cost to send the team for training and time to train and prepare them for work. Plus, outsourcing also allows you to work on a project basis and save money during periods where you do not need the services, although it is recommended that money be pumped in in consistent digital marketing. Hiring a digital marketing agency for your marketing needs is more sustainable in the long-term and allows you to use the savings for your core business.

5.  Learning From A Fresh Perspective

As a business owner, you are definitely very familiar with how things work in your company. So does your logistics team, your human resource team and of course, your marketing team. While there is nothing wrong with that, familiarity may cause you to overlook important details that could prevent growth and result in stagnation of the business. This could mean a lack of awareness of what is working and not working, or a certain degree of stubbornness to adapt to changes. That’s what happens when people who have been working with the company for a while become blinded and unaware of what they’re doing wrong for the business.

Instead, a digital marketing agency who sees how your business operates for the first time can provide a new point of view and spark insightful changes to your business. Be it a fresher marketing idea or venture to use a new social media platform. A fresh perspective can do you and your company good. Hence, hiring an agency can give you a new, different and unbiased perspective of how to approach your digital marketing, which is unlike that of an internal team. With that, you get more suggestions on how to improve things and not keep the status quo.

6. Get Results

Effective digital marketing agencies are trained to provide you with data-driven insights, research and performance metrics that can benefit your company and help you achieve meaningful results. You want to be able to learn more than just vanity metrics like impressions, likes and click-through rates. The only way for you to truly know if your marketing campaigns are generating the results that you want is to review your analytics and examine reports on your campaign performance. If your team is not trained to monitor and provide metrics for discussion, you could be wasting precious time and money. When something is not working as well as you expect, your marketing team should be able to tell you what to do; move on or improve on it to prevent wasted advertising dollars.

7. Ongoing Optimisation To Ensure Success

The reason why a digital marketing agency may be so proactive in helping you with campaign optimisation is because of their dedication to deliver the end goals that they promised. A digital marketing agency is invested, interested in and aims to continually optimise your marketing strategy to show you the best results. Hence, performance tracking is so vital. Maintaining your campaign success is not just setting up a campaign and letting it run by itself. It involves time, effort, knowledge and measurement to achieve a balance that will generate the best results. Typically, the agency will evaluate the campaign performance and discuss the possible actions for optimisation. A digital marketing agency will try all methods to generate the best ROI for you and your company.

8.  All-encompassing Digital Marketing

In order to establish an online presence and for your customers to remember your product and services, your company will need to be active in multiple platforms and be involved in several marketing campaigns. One selling point of a digital marketing agency is that it is a diverse team that consists of professionals coming from different backgrounds. A digital marketing agency can provide a multi-channel 360 degree digital marketing strategy that only a huge in-house marketing team can achieve. This way, a wider net can be cast to connect with your audience on digital marketing platforms and convert them into valuable buyers.

Partner With A Digital Marketing Agency

If you are struggling with your digital marketing efforts, have an inefficient in-house marketing team or are just starting out with digitalisation, working with a digital marketing agency is advantageous. A digital marketing agency can help you analyse your business and craft effective marketing strategies to grow your online presence and increase conversions.

It takes a lot of work to research, plan, execute and report marketing performance. Which is why you should leave it in the hands of a professional digital marketing agency with the experience to take your business to the next level. So that you can focus on your core business and other areas of your work. Leave your online marketing campaigns to the experts at the D’ Marketing Agency. Get in touch with our project manager for a free consultation today!

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