6 Key Lessons For the E-Commerce Industry

1. Shipping is always free.

Customers can choose which retail partner they rely on to provide them with the necessary goods. Customers for home renovation in my field—contractors to do-it-yourselfers—have more options than you think.

In addition to providing a top-notch product, one of the most crucial things your company can do to increase sales is to promote free shipping.

This is supported by research from the National Retail Federation, which found that 75% of consumers anticipate receiving free economy delivery when they make an online purchase. Offering this increasingly common amenity to potential clients will increase conversion rates across the board for your business.

2. Facilitate returns.

Product returns are necessary occasionally. We frequently witness this. Sometimes a customer orders the incorrect item, and the product is occasionally harmed. Whatever the cause for a return, maintaining a client base over the long run necessitates having a return policy that is as flexible as any physical store a customer would visit.

This indicates that you should make it straightforward for your customers to return items. Long-term success in this sector depends on having a customer care team to assist customers who need to return a product.

3. Excellent customer service is crucial.

E-commerce provides a less personalised purchasing experience than traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Customers occasionally have queries that require responses but are not covered in your FAQ. Other times, they might need some help using the things you’re selling. This is very important because I work in the home improvement sector.

Installing a top-notch customer care system is among the best investments you can make in your business. Ensure that your clients can get the assistance they require through your sales channels and at all stages of the customer experience.

4. Consider the seasons.

In e-commerce, seasonality is everything, especially in the home improvement sector. For instance, sales of our particular goods naturally decline in the winter when fewer people want to upgrade their houses, decks, roofs, ponds, RVs, etc.

Our company focuses on brand development and product planning during the slower months to be at the top of our game during the busy season.

During the holiday shopping season, seasonality can be anticipated for the majority of retailers. Additionally, with post-holiday sales and the surge in returns, the few weeks following the holidays may also frequently be busy for businesses. To make the most of your long-term vision and plan, ensure that your company is ready for these ups and downs.

5. Paid search remains your ally.

Your friends in e-commerce are services like Google Shopping and numerous PPC services. It’s crucial to ensure you have reliable monitoring for all your sales channels and funnels, including social media.

Long-term outcomes can be achieved by tracking your spending about your conversion ratio and making adjustments early on. If you do, your expenses can go up with favourable results. You may optimise your sponsored search approach by teaming up with capable internal staff or a reputed agency. For the best outcomes, ensuring you have a 360-degree picture of your operations is crucial.

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Our certified digital marketing consultants will provide you with a FREE marketing consultation.


Our certified digital marketing consultants will provide you with a FREE marketing consultation.

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