10 Traditional Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas 2021

10 Traditional Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas 2021


Real estate businesses thrived in Singapore even before the internet was a thing. But, how did realtors manage to bring leads to their businesses? By using strategies that don’t require online interaction. 

Traditional lead generation strategies can be as effective as modern ones. You can, however, mix and match and land on the perfect combination of strategies for yourself. 

Some realtors just want to focus on digital channels while some prefer to go with both. It all comes down to whatever you feel is best for your business. 

But, remember, the more ways you can use to get in front of your target customer, the more conversions you generate. 

Let’s dig in. 

For Sale By Owners (FSBO)


Homeowners sometimes try to avoid getting the services of a real estate agent, mainly because they don’t want to pay the service fee.

So, you’d see many for-sale-by-owner listings around you. Don’t worry though. You are here for a reason. A realtor’s job is to make the transfer of property or ownership as smooth as possible. 

Some people just realize that after some time. What you can do is, reach out to them and tell them how they can benefit from your services. 

Most owners won’t think twice and will make you their property agent, given that you’ve approached them in the right way. And, the right way is to make them realize they need you. 

But, making this strategy work can be difficult because there would be so many competitors approaching your prospects. 

What you can do is, offer them something unique and useful to stand out from the crowd. For instance, partner up with a moving company and package your service with theirs. 

A good way to narrow down your prospective client is this: Look for homeowners that tried to sell their home or put it on rent with no success. 

Those are the people that need your services the most. Tell them you can connect them to a buyer or a tenant; there is a high chance they won’t ignore you. 

Look for Expired Listings


Another way to find real estate clients the traditional way is by finding expired listings. Yes, there’s still potential there. 

You see, not every homeowner finds a realtor like you. Many of them aren’t able to attract the right buyer for their home. So, they pull off their listing. 

It could also be because the seller couldn’t get a good enough offer for their home. What you can do is, find expired listings from your MLS (Multi Listing Service) and offer your help. 

Find listings that are near their expiration date and connect with the homeowner. Ask them if they would consider changing their real estate agents if they already have one. 

Don’t have the time to do the research yourself? There is a perfect alternative for you: Get a curated list of expired listings from a company that offers this service. 

Circle Prospecting


One of the most cost-effective ways to generate leads for your business or a listing is by contacting prospects within a certain area around the listing. 

You can send out flyers or talk to them personally if possible and let them know that the house is up for sale. 

Provide the information they would need to show interest in your listing in the flyer. Offer them a free meetup if they want to discuss further. 

Contact Absentee Homeowners


As a realtor, a property that’s collecting dust for some time represents an opportunity. Maybe the owner doesn’t have enough time to talk to a property agent. Or, maybe they are still not sure about selling or renting their house. 

Whatever the reason, you should get in touch with the owner and ask them if they require your services. 

You can note the current address of the homeowner and send a letter there offering your help. If there is no address or contact number, you can search public records. 

The owner might not be in town or is settled in another city. You can help them with their abandoned house. 

Leverage Seasonal Holidays


While this might sound a little too “Traditional”, you can leverage different seasons around the year to make your business more visible

Go beyond sending a holiday card to your prospects’ homes. Add value to their lives by sending something of value. 

For instance, on Thanksgiving, you can send some pies to your prospects with a card that tells them what you do. 

Don’t Ignore Print Ads


While print ads might not be that relevant these days, they can still be effective for a real estate agent in Singapore. 

Newspapers may not be as thick as they used to be, but some newsreaders still explore them. If you think your potential client orders print newspapers, get your business in there. 

You don’t have to rely on print ads though. But, it’s always a good idea to test the strategies that have the potential to work. 

Explore Public Records for New Leads


You need to be a little cautious while pursuing this strategy. 

On public records, people could downgrade due to a death in the family. Or, it could be because they are going through an unfortunate life event like a divorce. 

Find out if there is someone who needs your help with selling or renting their house. Approach these prospects tactfully. 

Meet In-Person


You don’t always have to be in the selling mode to talk to your prospects. Your leads don’t only have to be in a professional relationship with you. 

You can meet them in person and talk about anything they want to talk about. And, if anything comes up, you can offer your services. 

Another great way to open up lead generation opportunities for your real estate business is by meeting your past clients. See how they are doing in life and if they or any of their peers need your service. But, don’t come on too strong; subtly convey your message. 

Meeting them in person can be a lot more communicative than contacting them on the phone or via email

Leverage the Classic Sales Call


While meeting your past customers and prospects is a good way to keep in touch with them, you don’t want to overdo it. 

Some of your prospects might prefer talking over the phone to taking out time for a meetup. Calling them once in a while to check if they need any help is a good way to keep those leads warm. 

Remember that people don’t listen to marketing messages. Your calls shouldn’t be too pushy or salesy. Make them sound like you want to catch up with a friend. 

A friendly tone and a little humor go a long way in establishing a trust-based relationship with anyone. This way, they’d be coming to you whenever they need a service like yours. 

Hand-written Notes


There will always be some people that won’t receive your calls or text back in time. They want to respond on their own time. 

Writing notes to such people can be a good way to connect with them. You can ask them to set up a meeting or a call in your note. In short, use a hand-written note to set the stage for a long-term collaboration. 

That was all about outbound traditional lead generation strategies. Let’s now delve into inbound traditional strategies that you can use effectively in 2021. 

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